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Meet the companies who have participated in our Heal.LA Bioscience & Healthcare Accelerator previous cohorts.


Investing in diverse entrepreneurs to nurture and scale innovations that positively impact the health and wellness of communities in Los Angeles since 2020.

2023 Cohort.

Alsteni Medical

Founders: Elizabeth Beale & Nicholas Demetriades, MA

Alsteni Medical is developing an intraorally anchored feeding tube device that recreates bariatric surgery, without any surgery. The device caters to the needs of patients, providers, and payers by offering affordable, safe, sustained, and clinically significant weight loss.


Founder: Manju Dawkins, MD

Thimble is the first easy, safe, and over-the-counter option for people who don’t like needles. They are building a comprehensive platform of pain and anxiety reducing products for common needle procedures. At the core, is a plant-based vaccine patch that’s used to prevent pain before the poke of a needle.


Founders: Gevorg Stepanyan, MS & Hetmann Hsieh, MBA

Enzymetry is simplifying clinical data management through automating clinical trial data entry for clinical sites. The tool leverages health system data to project how well a health system may recruit for a given trial. Their goal is to leverage this tool to increase biotech receptiveness and recruit more community health systems rather than just academic medical centers.

Achieve Clinics

Founders: Brad Heller, PhD & Paul Chun

Achieve Clinics is a platform that connects newly diagnosed cancer patients to cell therapies, a potentially curative last-in-line treatment made from a patient’s own immune cells. Their platform’s purpose stems from wanting to increase patient access, and ensuring that cell therapies aren’t made from defective cells. They do this by getting to patients early, collecting and storing their immune cells, and then enabling streamlined access to a future cell therapy.


Founders: Shaylene Tarvyd Mac Donald Hayes

Invertes aims to provide surgeons with a new method of accessing the abdomen through a natural orifice via the anus, with the purpose of being able to perform common abdominal surgeries without the need of a laparotomy.

Plan A

Founder: LR Fox

Next Life Sciences is developing Plan A, a non-hormonal, long lasting, and reversible male contraceptive solution that empowers men and their partners to choose if and when they have a child. It is the first male contraceptive on the market.

TNC Medical Solutions

Founder: Maria Napolez

TNC Medical, a 100% minority and female owned company, develops devices designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. The company’s flagship product allows gastronomy tube users and clinicians to perform faster, safer, and more accurate enteral feeding tube reinsertion procedures in or out of a clinical setting.


Founder: Vaishnavi Yathirajam

Manakin is developing real time air-borne Pathogen Detection Technology. The Manakin Biosensor has the unique capability of detecting species of pathogens in the atmosphere in real time and conveying the results using a cloud infrastructure and a mobile application.


Founder: Julia Layton

Harnessing the power of far-infrared technology, Sundaze has developed a product that will help women all around the world. Their heated shorts are a portable and non-invasive solution designed to help alleviate period pain. Their technology streamlines menstrual pain relief into one reusable, stylish, and efficient solution.


Founders: Hando Kim & Andrew Choe

Sensee is developing novel technology which converts and formats a large volume of text into Braille almost instantaneously. Using a machine learning algorithm, Sensee aims to provide STEM resources to visually impaired individuals, promoting a more inclusive society.


Founder: Xin Wen

AF-Tech develops antifreeze polypeptides or AFPs to stabilize biologics and therapeutic/nutritional molecules under extreme temperatures. The AFP system addresses the shortage of biologics for human health by extending the effective preservation of biologics and serves as safe additive to address formulation problems.

Infinity Pieces

Founder: Michael Kidakarn

Infinity Pieces is working to create AI-powered conversational virtual therapist and research platform to address mental health issues in second-generation Asian Americans. Incorporating Asian heritage, mannerisms, & traditions, their technology takes a unique approach in improving the mental well-being of second-generation Asian Americans.


Founder: Bobby Ntoya

BIOMED is a biotechnology company that is working to democratize healthcare and make healthcare more accessible. Through utilizing various technologies, they are offering personalized and precision medicine with precise dosage for any unique profile. Their predictive modeling will improve overall patient health outcomes.


Founder: Euljoon Park

ZeptoMed aims to provide the thinnest and most flexible catheter with optimal contact force to ensure more efficient, safer and faster sympathetic denervation. In addition, ZeptoMed will differentiate itself from others by targeting both renal and hepatic denervation with the same device.


Founder: Konstantin Kazarian

Hybrid Biotherapuetics uses a novel cell therapy platform that cures cancer patients suffering from solid tumors to enhance efficacy of therapeutics antibodies in multiple indications. The autologous cell therapy platform aims to bring positive clinical outcomes to many patients across LA County through using cutting edge technology involving APCs and cytotoxic cells.

2022 Cohort.

Angel City Bio LLC

Founder: Wael El-Nachef

Angel City Bio LLC is an early-stage biopharma startup founded by physician-scientists. Developing a drug delivery system, this compnay hopes to target therapies to the intestine and liver. They are particularly interested in addressing unmet clinical needs for neglected diseases and conditions that disproportionately affect women.

Arrow DX

Founders: Edward Olano & Jarred Yacob, MBS

Combining Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology, Arrow Dx is developing an inexpensive, highly sensitive detection platform which enhances detection capabilities for a range of applications, including early detection of disease and even pollutant detection. Their cost-effective technology platform combines nanotechnology, analaytical chemistry, and machine learning to detect biological and nonbiological compounds in solution.

Avesta76 Therapeutics

Founders: Ian Akash Morrison, Sanjay Awasthi, MD, & Arjun Awasthi, Ph.D

Avesta76 is approaching drug discovery in an innovative way through focusing on novel and often overlooked drug targets. They are focusing on developing medicines that address the broad spectrum of cancer, through targeting a protein, RLIP76, that is necessary for survival of several cancers. They hope to improve the lives of cancer patients through developing a new class of cancer therapuetics that target a cancer-essential gene.

BRT Biotechnologies

Founders: Jane Liu & Greg Copeland

Hawkeye Bio hopes to empower patients and caregivers through developing advanced lung cancer diagnostics. They developed a simple blood test to detect lung cancer early and close the screening gap.

Cern Corp

Founder: Gregg Klang

Cern Corporation is working on a leading technology in FemTech, designed to be an un-drug treatment for yeast and bacterial vaginosis. The technology is designed to be an effective at-home alternative to toxic, systemic drugs. Cern Corporation hopes to address a growing population of women for whom conventional drug-based standards of care may not be effective.

Dentia, Inc

Founder: Ellie Babaie

Dentia offers preventative restorative dentalsolutions, including oral rinses and cement liner. Their innovative solution offers a less invasive and painless procedure that reduces the need for surgical intervention with its associated time and cost.


Founder: Hando Kim

Innometive is at the forefront of developing highly compliant mechanical solutions through utilizing innnovative metamaterial engineering technology for dental and medical applications. Currently, Innometive is manufacturing pedicle screws customized for osteoporotic patients, improving the ongoing issues with screw failure and re-operations associated with the failure.

Om Biome

Founder: Julia Perderiy

Om Biome, Inc. is developing microaglae-based therapeutics to address the need for simple and effective oral care. Their OMBI Bites are a daily oral health supplement that can provide healthy gums and good breath through adding a daily nutritious boost.


Founder: Erick Gamelin

Oncoxome is an oncology biotech startup focused on inducing cancer cell death, and overcoming one of the largest challenges within oncology: preventing cancer resistance to treatments. Through combining two platforms, natural exosomes and gene therapy, they hope to deliver a targeted therapuetic delivery that targets and reaches widespread cancer cell death.


Founder: Arati Desai Wagabaza

Orcana is a medical technology that has revolutionized surgical care through developing a platform that enables 24/7 virtual expertise in the operating room and improves image-guided surgery. Through developing a augmented reality communication platform, their technology can further improve surgical outcomes.

SKW Cardiovascular Technologies

Founder: Subeer Wadia

SKW Cardiovascular Technologies developed an ostial stent balloon delivery catheter that allows clinicians to deploy stents precisely at the origin of branch vessels. Their goal is to simpligy complex proecedures and improve precision and accuracy within the industry.

TAB Diagnostics

Founder: Troy Barring

TAB Diagnostic is a non-invasive diabetes testing and monitoring company devleoping the first portable saliva-based diagnostic test focusing on early and accurate detection. This device is at the forefront of improving early detection of diabetes, ultimately leading to better clinical outcomes.

2021 Cohort.

Aevum Therapeutics

Founder: Gail Chan

Aevum Therapuetics believes that exercise harbors untapped potential for therapeutic discovery and are developing irisin, an excercise-induced peptide, that can treat neurodegenerative disorders.


Founder: Robert Gellibolian

CellectGen is a digital health technology company, focused on developing saliva-based consumer-facing next generation POC (point-of-care) tests, devices, and services to help dentists identify patients with high risk of emerging active disease lesions in less than 15 minutes.

CpG Diagnostics

Founder: Bodour Salhia

CpG Diagnostics is revolutionizing early ovarian cancer detection with next-gen liquid biopsies that are driven by genomics and machine learning. Their goal is to accurately rule in or out ovarian cancer earlier when it’s easier to treat, improving clinical outcomes in women.

2020 Cohort.


Founder: Andre de Fusco

Hawkeye Bio hopes to empower patients and caregivers through developing advanced lung cancer diagnostics. They developed a simple blood test to detect lung cancer early and close the screening gap.

SNJ Pharma

Founder: Hyeon Jim Kim

SNJ Pharma is revolutioniizing the treatment of thrombotic disorders through the developmen of the first plasmin-independent thrombolytic agent. Their working to provide new treatment options for patients suffering thrombotic episodes.

Tender Light Scientific

Founder: I-Ting Wu

Tender Light Scientific is developing portable devices that can be used by both healthcare professionals and consumers to monitor overall health status. They are utilizing diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) systems to do this.

Triton Bio

Founder: Lorenzo D'Amico

Triton Bio is utilizing digital microbiology to accelerate bioindustrial revolution. They are reverse engineering microbiomes to create new and sustainable bioproducts that can treat diseases and sustainably boost industrial productivity.

Current Cohort.

The Heal.LA Initiative continues to invest in diverse entrepreneurs to nurture and scale innovations that positively impact the health and wellness of communities in Los Angeles County and beyond.

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