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Since 2004, we have supported thousands of startups to use non-dilutive government grant funding to translate their ideas into commercially-viable businesses. Learn more about our commercialization programs & products that can be accessed via your SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) & TABA (Technical & Business Assistance) grant funding.

Heal.LA’s Bioscience Accelerator Program is committed to nurturing and scaling innovations that positively impact the health and wellness of communities in the Los Angeles region. It is a free, 4-5 month program that offers entrepreneurs a unique combination of guidance and education backed by world-class experts in the life sciences industry.

We are seeking a highly-motivated graduate with a passion for science and an abiding interest in mission-based entrepreneurship to join the Larta team.

Learn how to navigate your SBIR grant and hear from successful entrepreneurs about their experience. 

In Episode 1, Part 1 Dr. Jack Brouwer, Professor at UC Irvine & Energy System Dynamics Expert joins David Berokoff to discuss existing net-zero carbon technologies, the history of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, the transition from reliance on fossil fuel-derived hydrogen to more sustainable hydrogen production targets. 

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