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About our organization.

Our mission.

Our mission is to foster science & technology innovation for a sustainable planet.


Larta Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to foster science and technology innovation for a sustainable planet.

Our planet is experiencing significant global problems created by human behavior and policies affecting the environment, food, education, energy and healthcare systems. New science and technology play a critical role in transforming how we sustainably feed, fuel and heal the world.

LARTA was founded in 1993 and funded by the State of California as a Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance to stimulate the economic development of technology-based enterprises. Now known as Larta Institute, the organization has become a national partner for numerous federal government agencies — including DARPA, NIH, DOE, NSF, NIST, NOAA and USDA — to commercialize novel research and innovation.

Today, Larta Institute’s innovation platform and ecosystem accelerate new science and technology from idea to sustainable enterprise by providing a unique combination of programs, our ecosystem and funding.

We have helped over 4,500 startups, and our alumni have raised more than $7 billion in external funding.

Together, let’s feed, fuel and heal the world.

“Let’s feed, fuel and heal the world.”

Impact & Sustainability.

Accelerating Solutions for Nature, Systems Transformation & Community Resilience.

We select founders and startups into our programs based on alignment to our Thesis – our impact, investment, and portfolio strategy.

We have identified three strategic impact areas for our efforts, which are built upon the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. These impact areas are strongly interconnected, requiring coordinated efforts to effect change in communities, in the systems we use to manage our resources, and across the natural planet as a whole. This structured approach offers a clear framework with measurable outcomes to assess our impact.

Our understanding of sustainability is largely defined by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, which are a set of 17 interconnected global objectives designed to serve as a blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all.

Our Role & Guiding Principles

Larta Institute is an important force in fostering sustainable innovation, guiding startups that aim to feed, fuel and heal our planet, and strengthen community resilience. We support startups according to our three guiding principles — Identify, Nurture and Scale.


Larta understands that the foundation of impactful innovation begins with recognizing global and local challenges. By identifying these challenges, Larta positions itself to connect groundbreaking innovators with the problems they aim to solve in relevant communities, ensuring a targeted approach to demonstrate the potential of innovation. 


Beyond identification, Larta commits to nurturing early-stage innovations. This involves providing startups with a supportive ecosystem, that offer not just funding, but also the expertise, tools, and programs that are essential for growth. This crucial support accelerates the evolution of ideas into viable solutions that are capable of making a significant impact.


The ultimate goal for Larta is to scale these solutions, amplifying their impact from initial proof of concept within local communities to the global stage. By building collaborative networks that include governments, industry, and investors, Larta facilitates the transformation of innovations into sustainable enterprises that not only serve a purpose but also maintain profitability.

Our Innovation Platform

We provide innovators with access to our programs, ecosystem and funding which all play a vital role in supporting the development and implementation of their solutions.

Together, these three pillars comprise a robust entrepreneurial support platform that empowers innovators and startup ventures to address the multifaceted challenges of climate change effectively.


Through our programs, the pipeline of early-stage ideas we identify and select receive the nurturing they need, with access to specialized expertise, tools, and guidance, ensuring these concepts evolve from ideas into practical, impactful solutions.


Our ecosystem provides innovators with a supportive network that includes government bodies, industry leaders and academic institutions. This network not only offers resources but also valuable connections and partnerships, fostering an environment where innovative solutions can thrive and gain traction.


Funding is the lifeblood of nascent innovation. A diverse mix of financial support, encompassing non-dilutive funds, grants, debt, and equity, offered by Larta and its partners, ensures that first-of-a-kind climate change solutions have the financial backing necessary to be developed, scaled and make a tangible impact on the world.

Impact Report

On Larta Institute’s 30th year anniversary, we are proud to share a glimpse into our transformative journey through the lens of our 2023 Impact Report.

This milestone not only marks a celebration of our legacy, but also reaffirms our enduring mission: to foster science and technology innovation for a sustainable planet.

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Our Alumni.

Since 1993, we’ve worked with 4,500+ startups across a range of sustainability impact areas – translating ideas into sustainable enterprises via our programs, ecosystem, and funding.

Featured Alumni Companies

“We recognize the potential of innovations in science and technology to catalyze transformative solutions. While the rapid pace of innovation holds the promise of progress, it demands careful guidance to yield tangible benefits. Our impact investment philosophy is anchored in translating promising breakthroughs into pragmatic solutions that bolster resilient communities in the face of climate change.”

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We’re fostering science & technology innovation for a sustainable planet.

About Larta Institute

Each year, we select over 500 founders and ventures to join our startup accelerators. We provide innovators with access to our programs, ecosystem, and funding, which all play a vital role in supporting the development and implementation of their solutions.

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