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Join our ecosystem of accredited Principal Advisors – utilize your deep industry knowledge and startup experience to guide founders & new ventures.

Join our ecosystem of accredited Principal Advisors.

Utilize your deep industry knowledge and startup experience to guide founders & new ventures.

Each Larta startup company is matched with a hand-picked Principal Advisor with deep relevant experience in the startup’s sub-sector. The PA, who is selected from our bench of 125+ seasoned experts, becomes the startup’s advocate, mentor and curator – guiding each company one-on-one to build and execute a roadmap for success.

Let’s feed, fuel, and heal the world. 

Our team of 125+ expert Mentors & Principal Advisors

Our programs are led by seasoned industry experts with deep sector knowledge. Each startup is assigned a dedicated Principal Advisor to guide their journey from idea to sustainable enterprise.

Principal Advisor

Kwame Ulmer

Kwame Ulmer brings 20+ years of experience evaluating medical technologies in the government and serving in senior operating roles at medical device companies.
Sydney Edwards
Principal Advisor

Sydney Edwards

Executive experience working with startups on product and strategy development and incrasing portfolio values in the Biotech and Life Science Industry
LeAnne C. Tourtellotte-01
Principal Advisor

LeAnne C. Tourtellotte

CEO and Co-Founder of JL Biosciences, experience in IP management, business development, strartup management, and commercializing technology in startups
Principal Advisor

Sunil Maulik

Sunil has held management positions at Pangea Systems, Tripos (NASDAQ:TRPS), Hoffmann-La Roche (NYSE: ROCHE), Oxford Molecular (LSE: OXMOL), and IntelliGenetics.
Principal Advisor

David Whelan

David is the CEO of BioScience LA.
Principal Advisor

Olga Yermolenko

Olga advises family office clients on social impact and venture investment opportunities and has diligenced over $450m worth of deals.
Principal Advisor

Rachel Costello

Rachel led project management and business development for Tesla’s Energy Products Team.
Principal Advisor

Rita Hansen

Rita Hansen is CEO of Onboard Dynamics, a company that seeks to lower fuel costs and carbon emissions by removing refueling infrastructure barriers to driving natural gas vehicles.
Principal Advisor

Mark Juergensen

Mark brings over 25 years of success in energy technology commercialization and energy project development.
Principal Advisor

Joel Balbien

Joel is an accomplished & visionary consultant with proven success in managing the commercialization of CleanTech, Semiconductor, and Life Sciences technologies.
Principal Advisor

BreAnn Brown

BreAnn brings more than 18 years of leadership and commercialization experience in start-ups for the agriculture / aquaculture, and information technology industries.
Principal Advisor

Tony Simpson

Tony brings 25+ years experience leading agribusiness organizations in the biofuels, biobased materials and manufacturing, alternative energy, agriculture, and animal health industries.
Principal Advisor

Peter Hong

Peter brings over 30 years of experience in strategic business planning, startup operations, product development, market strategy, and IP strategy.
Principal Advisor

Tania Fernendez

Dr. Fernandez brings to Larta deep domain expertise in the biotech and healthcare industry both from a technology and a financing perspective.
Principal Advisor

Robert Calcaterra

Robert has mentored over 200 companies in the fields of life sciences, cleantech, energy, precision agriculture, and aquaculture.
Principal Advisor

Jeff Carpenter

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in commercialization of innovations, including life sciences, clean technology, agriculture, food, materials and chemicals.

The reward of being a Larta Institute Principal Advisor is that we help entrepreneurs evolve their laboratory discoveries into successful companies that provide solutions to unmet societal needs around the globe.

Dr. Bruce Halpryn

Frmr Larta Principal Advisor

Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer


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