Our Innovation Platform & Ecosystem.

Larta’s network includes some of the most forward-thinking startups, investors, businesses, philanthropists, community organizations, and government agencies.

Our Innovation Platform & Ecosystem

Our innovation platform & ecosystem power our startup programs to accelerate new science & technology – by providing a unique combination of connections, resources, and funding.

Join our Startup Ecosystem.

Partner with Larta to maximize the ROI of grant funding for early-stage science & technology.

Access Larta’s portfolio of emerging early-stage science & technology innovation – a groomed pipeline from top research labs & private startups.

Get connected to our portfolio and access a pipeline of breakthrough emerging science & technology.

Partner with Larta to foster science & technology innovation – help create sustainable enterprises for social impact.

Accelerate the translation of R&D from an early-stage lab idea to a commercial spin-out venture.

Join our ecosystem of accredited Principal Advisors – utilize your deep industry knowledge and startup experience to guide founders & new ventures.

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We’re fostering science & technology innovation for a sustainable planet.

About Larta Institute

Each year, we select over 500 founders and ventures to join our startup accelerators. We provide innovators with access to our programs, ecosystem, and funding, which all play a vital role in supporting the development and implementation of their solutions.

Programs Overview

Community Labs

Publicly-Funded Government Programs

Funding & Investment

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