Our Innovation Platform & Ecosystem.

Larta’s network includes some of the most forward-thinking startups, investors, businesses, philanthropists, community organizations, and government agencies.

Our Innovation Platform & Ecosystem

Our innovation platform & ecosystem power our startup programs to accelerate new science & technology – by providing a unique combination of connections, resources, and funding.

Join our Startup Ecosystem.

Partner with Larta to maximize the ROI of grant funding for early-stage science & technology.

Access Larta’s portfolio of emerging early-stage science & technology innovation – a groomed pipeline from top research labs & private startups.

Get connected to our portfolio and access a pipeline of breakthrough emerging science & technology.

Partner with Larta to foster science & technology innovation – help create sustainable enterprises for social impact.

Accelerate the translation of R&D from an early-stage lab idea to a commercial spin-out venture.

Join our ecosystem of accredited Principal Advisors – utilize your deep industry knowledge and startup experience to guide founders & new ventures.

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