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Sensee: Touch the world and see the unseen.

Creating braille-on-demand and educational products for visually impaired children.

SENSEE has been researching on the world that the visually impaired and non-disabled can see and enjoy together, and challenging to solve the fundamental problems. They want to create a world for everyone through braille printing of various platform & content with unique technology based on big data-based AI technology and special printing technology.

SENSEE supplies educational products and Braille books to meet the various degrees and experiences of the visually impaired, and SENSEE Braille books provide content that everyone can enjoy together by expressing Braille, texts, and images in one page.

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Victor Insik Seo

Founder & CEO

Hando Kim

Director of Business Development

The 1:1 mentorship provided us with valuable guidance on business strategy and helped us to better understand how to prepare an effective business pitch. This mentorship gave us the opportunity to learn from an experienced domain expert and receive personalized feedback on our ideas and approach.

Hando Kim

Director of Business Development

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April 26, 2022

SENSEE is teamed up with people who are visually impaired or who have visually impaired in their family to build a better world where everybody enjoys together.

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