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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Larta Institute is committted to providing an accessible, safe, respectful, and welcoming environment for all.

Our Anti-Discrimination Policy aims to ensure that all members of Larta Institute community – including our staff, startup founders, mentors, government officials, industry executives, investors, speakers, sponsors, donors, advisory board members, and other community members – are treated with dignity and respect in an open culture that is free of harassment, discrimination, violence, and other inappropriate conduct.

Larta Institute is committed to diversity, equitable access, and inclusion.

Open Opportunities

As a Fellow, you should be able to sift quickly through written material on the innovations we serve, write clear, non-technical summaries, analyze challenges in the sector or area of the science in question, and assist the team to address programmatic challenges. Excellent analytical, verbal/written communication and interpersonal skills are necessary.

As Business Development Intern, you must possess the ability to efficiently manage your time and be extremely detail-oriented. Excellent analytical, verbal/written communication and interpersonal skills Perform research on industry sectors, entrepreneurship across various regions/countries and international innovation environments. 

We are seeking a highly motivated graduate with a passion for science and an abiding interest in mission-based entrepreneurship to join the Larta team. This fellowship is designed for the graduate looking to participate meaningfully in assisting with the growth and development of technological solutions and innovations.

We are seeking a highly motivated self-starter with exceptional multi-tasking and writing skills and a passion for technology-driven innovation to join the Larta team. This internship is a great opportunity to get your feet wet in the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship.  Candidates’ majors and interests should align with our organizational mission and culture.

Larta is looking for a talented Sr. Software Engineer who is interested in the future of this planet, and is passionate about science-based innovations and entrepreneurs. The ideal candidate is a professional in mid-stage or later in his or her career, interested in legacy and impact, and the impact his or her work could have on a noble mission.

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Join our Startup Ecosystem.

Partner with Larta to maximize the ROI of grant funding for early-stage science & technology.

Access Larta’s portfolio of emerging early-stage science & technology innovation – a groomed pipeline from top research labs & private startups.

Get connected to our portfolio and access a pipeline of breakthrough emerging science & technology.

Partner with Larta to foster science & technology innovation – help create sustainable enterprises for social impact.

Accelerate the translation of R&D from an early-stage lab idea to a commercial spin-out venture.

Join our ecosystem of accredited Principal Advisors – utilize your deep industry knowledge and startup experience to guide founders & new ventures..

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