TABA - Technical & Business Assistance

We help SBIR/STTR grant awardees access & use government TABA funding to commercialize innovation.

Access and optimize federal TABA (Technical and Business Assistance) funds.

TABA is a new program that gives you funding over and above your SBIR/STTR grant to use for commercialization assistance services from a provider you identify.

Larta played a key role in advocating for TABA funds in Congress. We now stand ready to assist you with a system honed and proven over 25 years.

We’ll guide you through the TABA application process.

Larta will help you through the process of obtaining TABA funds from government agencies. Once you have the funds, we’ll ensure that you get the most out of this additional funding to support commercialization of your innovation.

The application process can be complex but Larta makes it easy to navigate.

Among the agencies that offer TABA, most want you to apply for this option when you submit your SBIR/STTR Phase I or Phase II proposal. We know each agency’s process and help you every step of the way.

Interested in joining this program?

Answer a few short questions, and our team will be in touch with next steps and more info.

Because of Larta, I've grown from an innovator to the president of a public company. Larta showed me how to take my innovation and fly to the moon with it.

Loretta Mayer

Larta Alumni

Co-Founder & CEO

How much TABA funding can you receive?

TABA Funding Overview

Some agencies call it by its newer name, TABA. Others still call it DTA for Discretionary Technical Assistance, or just Commercialization Assistance. Some agencies have already introduced TABA, while others are still reviewing implementation. By any name, it’s extra funding for which you may be eligible.

TABA Funds by Agency

See the current list for TABA amounts by agency, but be sure to ask for the latest update, including whether TABA amounts are over and above your funding threshold or included in your maximum. We’ll help you figure it out to submit your application.

Phase I ($)
Phase II ($)

Your TABA funds can be used for a range of commercialization services.

Our portfolio of 30+ products & tools for startups have been designed & proven over 25-years to accelerate translating R&D ideas into sustainable enterprises. 

Our bench of highly experienced experts/mentors work 1:1 with startup founders to deliver our products, customized to your stage of growth and specific goals. 

TABA Programs.

Browse & apply to join our open-enrollment TABA programs for SBIR/STTR government grant awardees.

Technical & Business Assistance (TABA) – for SBIR Phase I and II Awardees

Technical & Business Assistance (TABA) – for SBIR Phase I and II Awardees

Technical & Business Assistance (TABA) – for SBIR Phase II Awardees

Technical & Business Assistance (TABA) – for SBIR Phase I and II Awardees

Technical & Business Assistance (TABA) – for SBIR Phase I and II Awardees

Collaborate 1:1 with an expert Larta ‘Principal Advisor’ during the TABA program. We have a team of 125+ highly experienced mentors.

Our SBIR/STTR programs and TABA products are led by seasoned industry experts with deep sector knowledge. Each startup is assigned a dedicated Principal Advisor to guide their journey from idea to sustainable enterprise.

Sydney Edwards
Principal Advisor

Sydney Edwards

Executive experience working with startups on product and strategy development and increasing portfolio values in the Biotech and Life Science Industry
Principal Advisor

Farahnaz Forozan

Farahnaz has a wide spectrum of expertise and experience on pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics, clinical trials, and more, working at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Genzyme, and LapCorp.
Principal Advisor

Lisa Geller

With a distinguished career as a seasoned intellectual property expert, Lisa has served as the Head of Intellectual Property for multiple leading companies, bringing a wealth of strategic vision and legal acumen to safeguarding intellectual assets. Her renowned expertise in IP related to life sciences industry has proven very beneficial in supporting bioscience startups.
Principal Advisor

Earle Hager

Earle is a strong thought leader with understanding of commercialization process in the evaluation of technologies and has worked on over 300 technology and business development projects.

Access our global innovation platform & ecosystem.

Larta’s network includes some of the most forward-thinking startups, investors, businesses, philanthropists, community organizations, and government agencies.

Our innovation platform & ecosystem power our startup programs to accelerate new science & technology — by providing a unique combination of connections, resources, and funding.


Through our programs, the pipeline of early-stage ideas we identify and select receive the nurturing they need, with access to specialized expertise, tools, and guidance, ensuring these concepts evolve from ideas into practical, impactful solutions.


Our ecosystem provides innovators with a supportive network that includes government bodies, industry leaders and academic institutions. This network not only offers resources but also valuable connections and partnerships, fostering an environment where innovative solutions can thrive and gain traction.


Funding is the lifeblood of nascent innovation. A diverse mix of financial support, encompassing non-dilutive funds, grants, debt, and equity, offered by Larta and its partners, ensures that first-of-a-kind climate change solutions have the financial backing necessary to be developed, scaled and make a tangible impact on the world.

Because Larta is a network-centric organization, they are as strong as their network, and what's more, they are very generous with their network...their network is in play and at the disposal of the SBIR companies in attendance.

Matthew E. Portnoy, PhD

Division of Special Programs
National Institutes of Health


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