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Programs for SBIR Grant Awardees

We help SBIR/STTR grant awardees translate R&D into a commercially-viable enterprise

We help inventors & startups utilize SBIR/STTR government grant funding to move their idea from early-stage R&D to a sustainable enterprise for global impact.

Since 2004, we have partnered with government agencies to offer leading cohort-based Commercialization Accelerator Programs (CAP) and a robust menu of TABA (Technical & Business Assistance).

We guide & support grant applicants & awardees before, during & after the SBIR/STTR program.

We support Phase 1 and 2 grant  applications to increase your chances  of success. Our team & ecosystem can offer grant writing (via our partnership with OmniSync/TurboSBIR), letters of support, and qualifying statements.

We offer a range of Commercialization Assistance (CAP) programs for startups to accelerate their ideas. 

Our portfolio of ‘TABA’ (Technical & Business Assistance) products are designed for SBIR/STTR grant awardees at Phase 1 and 2 to accelerate the process of commercializing science and technology innovation.

For our SBIR program alumni and graduates, we offer a selective ‘Phase III’ funding accelerator offering. Learn more about our Funding Accelerator Program for seed and series-A investment.

Government SBIR Process

Because of Larta, I've grown from an innovator to the president of a public company. Larta showed me how to take my innovation and fly to the moon with it.

Loretta Mayer

Larta Alumni

Co-Founder & CEO

Commercialization Assistance & Accelerator Programs for Startups

Larta are the contracted agency for SBIR/STTR commercial accelerator programs in partnership with the DOE, NOAA, and USDA.

Commercialization Assistance Program (NOAA-CAP)

Technical & Business Assistance (TABA) – for DOE SBIR Phase I Grant Awardees

Commercialization Assistance Program (CAP) – for DOE SBIR Phase II Grant Awardees

USDA Phase I SBIR Awardees
Commercialization Assistance

Browse & apply to join our open-enrollment TABA programs for SBIR/STTR government grant awardees.

Technical & Business Assistance (TABA) – for SBIR Phase I and II Awardees

Technical & Business Assistance (TABA) – for SBIR Phase I and II Awardees

Technical & Business Assistance (TABA) – for SBIR Phase II Awardees

Technical & Business Assistance (TABA) – for SBIR Phase I and II Awardees

Technical & Business Assistance (TABA) – for SBIR Phase I and II Awardees

Collaborate 1:1 with an expert Larta 'Principal Advisor' during our SBIR and TABA programs. We have a team of 125+ highly experienced mentors.

Our SBIR/STTR programs and TABA products are led by seasoned industry experts with deep sector knowledge. Each startup is assigned a dedicated Principal Advisor to guide their journey from idea to sustainable enterprise.

Principal Advisor

Kwame Ulmer

Kwame Ulmer brings 20+ years of experience evaluating medical technologies in the government and serving in senior operating roles at medical device companies.
Sydney Edwards
Principal Advisor

Sydney Edwards

Executive experience working with startups on product and strategy development and incrasing portfolio values in the Biotech and Life Science Industry
LeAnne C. Tourtellotte-01
Principal Advisor

LeAnne C. Tourtellotte

CEO and Co-Founder of JL Biosciences, experience in IP management, business development, strartup management, and commercializing technology in startups
Principal Advisor

Sunil Maulik

Sunil has held management positions at Pangea Systems, Tripos (NASDAQ:TRPS), Hoffmann-La Roche (NYSE: ROCHE), Oxford Molecular (LSE: OXMOL), and IntelliGenetics.
Principal Advisor

David Whelan

David is the CEO of BioScience LA.
Principal Advisor

Olga Yermolenko

Olga advises family office clients on social impact and venture investment opportunities and has diligenced over $450m worth of deals.
Principal Advisor

Rachel Costello

Rachel led project management and business development for Tesla’s Energy Products Team.
Principal Advisor

Rita Hansen

Rita Hansen is CEO of Onboard Dynamics, a company that seeks to lower fuel costs and carbon emissions by removing refueling infrastructure barriers to driving natural gas vehicles.

Access our global innovation platform & ecosystem.

Larta’s network includes some of the most forward-thinking startups, investors, businesses, philanthropists, community organizations, and government agencies.

Our innovation platform & ecosystem power our startup programs to accelerate new science & technology – by providing a unique combination of connections, resources, and funding.

Easily prepare SBIR grants like a pro. Increase your odds of success with OmniSync + Larta

Combine TurboSBIR’s easy-to-use software with Larta’s hands-on experience & network – OmniSync’s online tool is adept at guiding first-time and seasoned SBIR applicants to success.

Easily apply for an SBIR grant via TurboSBIR

Larta Institute has partnered with OmniSync – use their TurboSBIR product for easy SBIR grant applications.

Because Larta is a network-centric organization, they are as strong as their network, and what's more, they are very generous with their network...their network is in play and at the disposal of the SBIR companies in attendance.

Matthew E. Portnoy, PhD

Division of Special Programs
National Institutes of Health


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