2024 Cohort

Meet the companies in our 2024 Venture Fellows cohort.

In its second year, accelerator supports innovators in Los Angeles and Miami who are developing solutions to combat the impacts of climate change in communities that are most at risk.

The innovators who will be joining the Venture Fellows program are developing solutions to some of the most pressing challenges communities, especially underserved residents, are facing related to climate change in the cities of Los Angeles and Miami and across the globe. Their work addresses the challenges of protecting from the ravages of heat, providing nutritious food, clean energy, clean water and air. We are looking forward to collaborating with them to drive their innovations forward.

Los Angeles.

Airvitalize Innovations

Capturing outdoor particulate pollution for cleaner air
Founder: Serena Allen, CEO

AirVitalize is saving lives and the environment by cleaning outdoor air. Outdoor particulate matter pollution is responsible for expedited glacial melt, destruction of fragile water ecosystems, rain acidification, and 1 in 9 premature deaths per year. AirVitalize’s compact, mobile, and filterless device creates 85% healthier air.

Bag/Get — Student Project

Tackling food insecurity by increasing the accessibility of food banks using software
Founders: Rohan Kunchala, Product Lead and Backend Developer | Alan Cortez, UI/UX Fullstack Developer | Cesar Rojas, Financial and Outreach Lead | Michael Chunn, Backend Developer

Everyone deserves dignity — especially those looking to put food on the table. This is Bag/Get’s singular focus, to improve the user experience across all levels of the food supplementation ecosystem. Bag/Get’s software creates value for all three stakeholders involved: the food banks, food pantries, and their collective food-insecure clientele. Our platform delivers client data collected at the pantry level to their partnered banks & simplifies the reporting process between the two parties. It serves as operational software for pantries to drastically improve efficiency and save countless employee hours, including robust tooling for volunteer management and client intake. Pantry clients are served by personalized user accounts and access to up-to-date information at the community level. All the anonymized data collected in the process, allows for our software to generate a vivid picture of the state of food insecurity in our society today.

Hago Energetics

Converting biogas from landfills to develop clean hydrogen
Founder: Wilson Hago, CEO

Hago Energetics is decarbonizing the industrial and transportations sectors by making low carbon hydrogen from waste materials. We work with farms, landfills and wastewater treatment plants to convert their waste methane to hydrogen useful for heavy duty transportation. In the process we also make biochar, a soil amendment useful for enhancing plant growth.


Reducing food waste through tech driven food recovery systems while improving healthy food access for underserved communities
Founder: Maen Mahfoud, CEO

Replate is the world’s leading food recovery platform helping companies donate surplus food to communities in need. Our vision is to create a food system without waste to mitigate climate change and nourish people and the planet.


Democratizing agtech with affordable soil remediation solutions
Founder: Sabrina Williams, CEO

SEED is a Certified B-Corp democratizing agriculture technology and closing a digital poverty trap experienced by underserved farmers — mostly represented by Black, Brown, Indigenous and women farmers — in some of the hottest and most polluted urban and developing communities. Our soil carbon sensor delivers real-time, ground-truthed data for remediation and increased yields, ensuring these farmers will not again be left behind because of cost and or access to innovation.


Algas Organics

Converting algae into sustainable products and fertilizer for more nutrient-dense food
Founder: Johanan Dujon, CEO

Algas Organics is helping the packaging, paper & pulp industry cut deforestation with our novel seaweed-based fiber that grows ˜320x faster, is ˜40% cheaper, and uses ˜80% less energy than traditional wood fiber. Our patented extraction technology allows us to eliminate heavy metals from invasive Sargassum seaweed and turns this biomass into cost-effective climate-tech solutions to help carbonize major industries.

Go See the City

Combating food waste and food insecurity by connecting non-profits and customers to eateries for a donation/discount 
Founder: Aneshai Smith, CEO

Go See The City is a tech startup dedicated to combating food waste and hunger in municipalities across the nation and beyond. Through our platform and app, we connect eateries of all types, including restaurants, stadiums, festivals, and food trucks with surplus food to customers at a discount via our app, or to nonprofits. By redirecting unused food from landfills to those in need, and to the community at a low cost, we’re making a tangible difference in reducing food waste and addressing food insecurity.


Providing companies with waste reduction, water conservation and energy efficiency solutions
Founder: Yadira Diaz, CEO

Gradible stands at the forefront of Miami’s sustainability movement as the city’s first environmental concierge. With a commitment to guiding organizations towards a profitable path to sustainability, Gradible offers a holistic suite of services, including Fractional Chief Sustainability Officer services, strategic social impact improvement, and access to a diverse platform of eco-friendly products, services, and technologies. This 100% female minority-owned enterprise partners with reputable companies all around the world to deliver measurable sustainability solutions, targeting sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, education, sports and more. Gradible’s mission is to inspire businesses in Miami and beyond to embrace responsible practices, ensuring economic growth goes hand in hand with environmental stewardship.


Hydrating frontline workers with lower logistics, costs and safety risks
Founder: Manuela Zoninsein, CEO

Kadeya’s patented beverage kiosk washes, sanitizes, inspects, and refills bottles to hydrate frontline workers with lower logistics, costs, and safety risks, a $30B market opportunity just in the US. By decentralizing and automating the beverage supply chain, they eliminate 99.9% of plastic waste and 75% of GHGs versus single use beverage containers. Kadeya has global scalability potential and stands to eliminate the need for single use beverage packaging forever, for everyone everywhere.


Using AI to tackle water contamination in the Biscayne Bay
Founders: Ines Mato and Carlos Tamayo

WatQ.AI is an AI-based platform to enhance data monitoring systems, identify source contamination, and forecast water quality in Miami’s Bay. Utilizing machine learning, the platform will analyze data from monitoring stations and remote sensing to predict water quality trends.

Past Cohort.

Venture Fellows is a new initiative aimed at helping underserved communities become more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Take a look back at each of the companies who have participated in our Venture Fellows program.

Do you have an idea to make your community more resilient, equitable, & sustainable?

The Venture Fellows program is a nine-month hands-on experience — we invest in diverse innovators to pilot good ideas that help communities become more resilient in response to the impacts of climate change.

For more information about the reach and aspirations of Larta’s Venture Fellows program, including plans to expand the cities served in the years ahead:

Los Angeles and Miami are two cities where climate change will continue to have a major impact on underserved communities. The Venture Fellows selected for this inaugural cohort are entrepreneurs who are ready to address some of the challenges these communities face, such as accessing clean water, reducing the impact of sea-level rise and improving the livability of urban spaces.

Jenny Flores

Head of Small Business Growth Philanthropy
Wells Fargo

Our Fellowship program begins in April 2024.
Apply now to become a Venture Fellow in Los Angeles or Miami.

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Larta Institute Funds Diverse Innovators and Community-Based Climate Solutions with Wells Fargo Foundation Grant

New Venture Fellows program to support women- and minority-led ideas, creating more resilient, equitable, and sustainable communities in U.S. cities

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