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Proven systems & tools to translate your idea into a sustainable enterprise.

Our portfolio of 30+ products & tools for startups have been designed & proven over 25-years to accelerate translating R&D ideas into sustainable enterprises.

Our bench of highly experienced experts/mentors work 1:1 with startup founders to deliver our products, customized to your stage of growth and specific goals. 

Commercialization Plan

Plotting your Business Plan.
A concise, comprehensive and compelling business plan to present a commercialization roadmap for Phase II (grants) and further, for Phase III to raise external (non-government) funding and execute on this business plan.

Business Model Canvas

Plotting your Business Model.
A Business Model Canvas that provides a quick summary of your business strategy, showing multiple business strategies that may be pursued, and will enable faster decisions on your pathway to market.

Technology Assessment

How does your Technology stack up – features, benefits, opportunities, gaps assessment.
A product development roadmap that guides to help achieve the market-ready stage with an MVP or full featured platform solution. 

Phase I Grant Application Assistance

Your First Step to raising non-dilutive funds. 
Grant Application Assistance offers comprehensive grant strategy to identify and maximize funding opportunities, and full support for writing an impactful grant.

Customer Discovery

Who, What, Why?
Customer Discovery delivers evidence-based data to validate assumptions like target customers, their problems to be solved, how do they value a solution and business models they prefer. This helps the company to tailor their technology development and value proposition toward their targeted users. 

Primary Market Research

Research about the specific market you serve.
Provides a personalized and customized market research to identify the macro product-market fit, speeding developments of a comprehensive business and technology strategy.

Secondary Market Research

Determining your product-market fit. 
Provides a customized market research from multiple published sources, reducing the company’s effort and time to identify the macro product-market fit, while speeding the development of a comprehensive business and technology strategy.

Go-To-Market Strategy

What is your market entry strategy?
Delivers an effective market entry/product launch strategy, with direct sales or channels/distribution partners, leveraging a 180-day digital marketing strategy for a targeted beachhead market.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

What is your Customer Relationship Management strategy?
Provides enhancement to existing or develop a sales and marketing strategy to drive both short-term and longer-term profitable revenue plans across customer segments.

Pricing Strategy

How to price your product/service?
Determine the most appropriate pricing strategy for the technology/product in preparation for launch in the marketplace.

Brand Development

What does your brand stand for?
Develop a full brand suite that combines brand design and brand messaging together in tandem to maximize the company’s resources.

Website & Collateral Development

Message you should deliver to the world.
Create a universally available and lasting first impression that showcases your products, services, and solutions. Show investors your value and show key stakeholders the benefits of working with your company, create brand prestige, build thought leadership positioning, and prove your value.

Business and Financial Model

How do I forecast my business.
Provides an appropriate Business and Financial Model to support a capital raise strategy and execution plan, considering current business needs and longer-term goals of stakeholders.

Fundraising Strategies

How much, why, how to engage the funders.
Provides an appropriate capital raise strategy with funding options and recommendation for an execution plan aligned towards the business needs and longer-term goals.

Fundraising Documentation

Understanding the documentation needs.
Provides an easier pathway to close capital deals and conduct negotiations with draft fundraising documents customized for company’s fundraising needs.

Strategic Investment Using IP Licensing

How can you monetize your IP.
Provides an IP Licensing strategy for your innovation tied to specific markets, enabling you to maximize investments while reducing your business risks.

FeedForward™ Sessions

Commercialization strategy validation, feedback, and moving forward.
FeedForward™ Sessions enables sharing your Commercialization Roadmap to a group of external stakeholders and industry experts, to seek constructive feedback and validate go-to-market strategies like a just-in-time mini board meeting.

Patentability Landscape

Understand the landscape to enhance your future IP positioning.
Comprehensive understanding of the landscape will help in directing patent applications and resources to novel claimable features

Patent Application

Claim and protect your IP.
Own the rights to your invention to protect and avoid infringement from others in the future.

Freedom to Operate Analysis

Get cleared before claiming my products/innovations.
Identify potential challenges and specific barriers, and determine patents to discard or keep as potential IP issues based on the claims

Trademark Search and Filing

Protect names and logos associated with your brand.
Enhance your brand identity and brand recognition by protecting words, symbols, packaging, and even sounds associated to the brand

Licensing Negotiation

What are you offering, ownership of future IP, liabilities, payment, projections.
Assistance and guidance in drafting terms for license/option agreements.

Regulatory Planning

What is your regulatory Pathway?
Get the fundamental understanding towards preparation of the regulatory pathways, reducing your risk and cost, while streamlining your path for commercialization.

Regulatory Research and Strategy

Regulation and compliance is easy with planning.
Provides the company a comprehensive understanding of the technology/product pricing and codes, and possible route for approval if no code is available.

Reimbursement Research and Strategy

Are you eligible for reimbursement?
Have a prepared regulatory strategy and pre-submission proposal ready for use with the regulatory body for a regulatory pre-application assessment meeting.

Our team of 125+ expert Mentors & Principal Advisors.

Our programs & products are led by seasoned industry experts with deep sector knowledge. Each startup is assigned a dedicated Principal Advisor to guide their journey from idea to sustainable enterprise.

Sydney Edwards
Principal Advisor

Sydney Edwards

Executive experience working with startups on product and strategy development and increasing portfolio values in the Biotech and Life Science Industry
Principal Advisor

Farahnaz Forozan

Farahnaz has a wide spectrum of expertise and experience on pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics, clinical trials, and more, working at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Genzyme, and LapCorp.
Principal Advisor

Lisa Geller

With a distinguished career as a seasoned intellectual property expert, Lisa has served as the Head of Intellectual Property for multiple leading companies, bringing a wealth of strategic vision and legal acumen to safeguarding intellectual assets. Her renowned expertise in IP related to life sciences industry has proven very beneficial in supporting bioscience startups.
Principal Advisor

Sunil Maulik

Sunil has held management positions at Pangea Systems, Tripos (NASDAQ:TRPS), Hoffmann-La Roche (NYSE: ROCHE), Oxford Molecular (LSE: OXMOL), and IntelliGenetics.
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