5 Marketing Trends Startup Companies Will Need in 2020

Larta Institute
August 26, 2020
startup founder taking advantage of video marketing trend

We live in a period where technology moves fast no matter what business sector you are in; however, this is especially visible when it comes to marketing technology. With consumer behavior constantly changing and competitors continually exploring the latest trends, the marketing sector can no longer hope to use their same old methods in driving future traffic and profits. Check out these five marketing trends your startup company should optimize in 2020 to ensure growth and success.

What was a thing of futuristic movies and ambitious concepts is now a top trend in driving marketing ideas for business owners. At one point in time, voice search engine optimization and artificial intelligence was a bizarre idea that many thought would never evolve. Now, as competition grows fiercer than ever, business owners are fully optimizing these rapidly changing technologies in hopes of remaining competitive in today’s marketing scene. These innovative new marketing trends include the following:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Chat-bots
  3. Conversational Marketing
  4. Personalization
  5. Video Marketing

When companies open their eyes to the possibility of how much they can benefit from incorporating these new marketing trends into their business, they will see not only an increase in their profits but a reduction in their expenses. With the implementation of the above strategies, companies can expect the following:

  • Incorporating A.I. technology can help cut staffing costs while accelerating growth and getting an edge over their competitors.
  • Chat-bots offer fantastic customer service by meeting customers’ expectations and making repetitive tasks more efficient.
  • Conversational marketing allows companies to serve their customers on their terms, their schedules, their devices, and in ways that best suit their needs.
  • Personalization helps companies stand out amongst competition, providing a better connection with their customer base.
  • Video marketing is considered one of the most important marketing trends of the year and provides the best outlet for customers to learn about a company’s products.
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