2024 Cohort

Meet the companies in our 2024 Heal.LA Bioscience & Healthcare Accelerator cohort.

Innovators participating in the Heal.LA program are developing solutions that directly confront the critical health and wellness disparities affecting Los Angeles County, particularly its underserved populations. They are tackling a complex set of interconnected issues, including lack of healthcare access, inadequate diagnostic care and wellness-related concerns. such as access to nutritious foods and mental health.

2024 Heal.LA Cohort.


A better digital world for women
Founder: Olivia DeRamus, CEO

Communia is a globally-facing social networking app that utilizes trusted wellness tools and safety innovations to transform social media into the ultimate social health tool for all women, non-binary individuals, and marginalized genders. Communia prioritizes individual needs, allowing users to express themselves authentically, access community support, and find resources and tools to navigate life’s best (and worst) moments. On Communia SOCIAL, the free social networking side of the app, users can share their experiences and opinions on topics such as #MeToo, Work & Money, Mental Health, and everything in between. Communia SELF offers a suite of digital tools developed to enhance the self-development journey.

Dietitians for a Healthier America

Empowering Dietitians, Elevating America's Health
Founders: Kelsea Cregut, President and Julian Espinosa, Vice Chair Board of Directors

Dietitians for a Healthier America (DHA) is a pioneering advocacy group championing the indispensable role of dietitians in the nation’s health landscape. Rooted in a deep understanding of nutrition’s impact on overall well-being, we tirelessly work to ensure every American has expanded access to specialized, dietitian-led care. Our efforts don’t just stop at individual consultations; we are at the forefront of advocating for policy reforms that bolster insurance reimbursements for dietitians. Recognizing the long-term implications of early dietary habits, DHA emphasizes the importance of early interventions. This dual approach not only aims to prevent potential future diseases but also elevates the day-to-day lives of countless Americans. By doing so, we believe we’re not just aiding individuals but also making a profound impact on reducing the overarching national healthcare costs. Join us as we nourish the nation, one policy and plate at a time.


Making doctors, super doctors
Founders: Alannah Mack, CEO and Serge Kadjo, CTO

DoctorFlow is revolutionizing patient intake by replacing tedious forms with friendly conversations. AI assistance engages patients in natural language capturing their medical history in a comfortable and familiar way. This saves doctors time and ensures that patients only have to tell their story once. Focused on cultural competency and inclusivity, AI adapts to their language and cultural nuances, making the intake process more personalized and respectful. The patient narratives translate into precise clinical notes giving doctors the information they need to make informed decisions.

Dopamer Regenerative Technologies Inc.

Founder: Alireza Moshaverinia, DDS, MS, PhD, FACP

The mission of Dopamer Regenerative Technologies is to eradicate dental decay and enhance the quality of life of patients worldwide through the development of novel anticaries dental filling material. We are making a dental filing material that can re-mineralize the tooth and has antibacterial properties.

Empower Hope

Harnessing AI to enable Person Centered Healthcare Delivery
Founders: Finly Zachariah, Chief Medical Officer and Chris Halsema, CEO

Empower Hope is dedicated to improving healthcare for patients with serious illness. Our suite of solutions (e.g., My Plan, POLST, and Insights A.I. Mortality Model) empowers patients to articulate and share their healthcare preferences with their physicians and care team. It accelerates the capability of clinicians, healthcare systems, and payors to deliver medically and financially sound goal-concordant care. Our solution empowers healthcare systems to deliver care centered on a patients’ values, healthcare priorities, and goals to ensure patient preferences are consistently known, discussed, and actualized.

Evolution Health

Effective treatment for depression, anxiety, and substance use, without a waiting list
Founders: Trevor van Mierlo, CEO and Rachel Fournier, Board Member

Evolution Health is a digital health platform that has developed interactive, clinically validated digital treatment courses for mental health and addictions, accessible via the web. Their platform is currently available in English, French, and Danish. They aim to become the first organization to offer digital health services in Spanish


Bringing comfort to patients and convenience to physicians
Founders: Christine King and Dinh Vu

At Feminora, we believe that the century old medical instrument used to examine all women during their OBGYN examinations needs to change. With our device, patients will feel safe and at ease during these procedures that are vital for their health. Our mission is to bring comfort to women’s healthcare and convenience to physicians. Unlike current speculums, our redesigned speculum promotes more comfortable patient experiences and efficient exam procedures. Overall, our speculum offers a unique solution that achieves both patient comfort and physician functionality, hopefully eliminating that strong stigma associated with the OBGYN.


Visible, reliable IV protection, envisioned and developed by nurses
Founders: Desiree Valdez, COO and Iris Geretschnig, CEO

I+D Device Solutions developed an antimicrobial device to reduce Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSI) in both adult and pediatric patients. Our device forms a passive antimicrobial barrier, decreasing the risk of bloodstream infections during central line usage for chemotherapy, dialysis, IV fluids, antibiotics, and hemodialysis. By preventing contamination, it reduces antibiotic overuse and contributes to the global fight against Antibiotic Resistance.

iPill Dispenser

Improving access to MOUD treatment at home
Founders: John Hsu, MD, CEO and Sherie Hsieh, Board Member

The iPill dispenser safely and securely delivers medication-assisted therapy (MOUD) through its patent-protected device. iPill can be sent directly to patients, prefilled with OUD medications allowing them to dispense medication in the comfort of their own home, removing barriers to treatment. A secure, tamper-proof storage system ensures that only the prescription holder can access the proper dosage at the proper time. iPill automatically destroys any unused pills at the end of 30 days or immediately if the device is tampered with.

Kenji Health

A new kind of health care company empowering our youngest generation
Founder: Nora Hackmann, CEO

Kenji Health is a behavioral health platform tailored for children and adolescents, aiming to deliver effective behavioral and lifestyle training directly to their homes through familiar channels. The platform offers personalized coaching available 24/7, along with motivational nudges and lifestyle hacks. Currently, Kenji Health is exploring various areas, primarily focusing on pediatric obesity interventions, while also delving into other mental health and behavioral health interventions.


Making communication accessible
Founders: Ling Ly Tan, CEO and Jane Button, Chief Clinical Officer

Linggo is an assisitive technology and training solution that helps make communication accessible for people who have difficulty speaking, such as individuals with profound autism, or individuals suffering from aphasia due to stroke or traumatic brain injury. Linggo supports the learning of language, speech, communication, and literacy skills.


The most effective way to reduce stress and burnout
Founders: Ami Lebendiker, CEO and Alison Smith, CSO

Roga is a therpeutic wearable, designed to be worn discreetly like a pair of headphones, that works by sending gentle pulses to the brain that signal safety to the nervous system. It’s a safe, non-invasive way to relax, and find flow. Using the Roga wearable consistently over time helps to retrain your nervous system, helping you recover from stress and feel better overall. Take control fo your stress for a happier, healthier life.


Streamlined licensing and compliance for Nurses in California
Founder: Denice Wharton, CEO

Suma [soo·muh] is the world’s first digital licensing management platform for Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA) and/or Home Health Aides (CHHA). Our revolutionary licensing management platform enables healthcare workers to seamlessly and securely track, upload, and manage all continuing education requirements and licensing so its users can do what they do best – focus on patient care! This means, no more headaches and frustration trying to prepare and organize your license renewal. Instead, let our team of professionals who know state regulations take care of it for you. We make sure you are on track with your individual licensing requirements and up-to-date with information on any regulation changes.

Welfie Inc.

Software that helps HEROs* connect with Kids
*Health Equity Response Organizers
Founder: Steven Moyo, CEO

Welfie is a health equity platfrom that is designed specifically to enable community health workers to better connect with and engage with underserved families. Focus on k-12 school districts. Welfie’s HERO Academy is a program disigned specifically for underserved communities. This initative focuses on mental health education and workforce development in the healthcare sector, targeting high schools students. By providing these students with mentorship, health education and career preparation, the HERO Academy equips them with essential skills and opportunites, bridging the gap in healthcare workforce and addressing mental health issues.

Wepair Health

Uniting Talent and Elevating Public Health
Founders: Lauren Vivian, CEO and Manish Balakrishnan, CTO

WePair is a digital talent marketplace that streamlines the process of hiring qualified frontline public health workers, including Community Health Workers (promotoras), community doulas, peer specialists, and wellness coaches. The platform addresses a critical gap: the lack of infrastructure and support for recruiting and retaining frontline public health workers. Wepair’s mission is to champion an inclusive healthcare workforce that promotes equity and social justice.

2024 Heal.LA Cohort in partnership with LA Biospace.

Alsteni Medical

A new category of feeding tube with 50+ medical applications
Founders: Elizabeth Beale, CEO and Nicholas Demetriades

Alsteni Medical is developing an intraorally anchored feeding tube device that recreates bariatric surgery, without any surgery. The device caters to the needs of patients, providers, and payers by offering affordable, safe, sustained, and clinically significant weight loss.

Azadi Health, Inc.

Cutting-edge conversational A.I.-based tool revolutionizing the way mental health concerns are addressed among BIPOC teens
Founders: Rodney Bell, CEO and Kacy Keys

Azadi Health is a cutting edge conversational AI based too which is revolutionizing mental health care among BIPOC teens. Utilizing NLP technology, Azadi provides an inclusive platform for users to discuss their mental well-being openly.

Calypso Devices

Redefining patient comfort & safety for gynecological exams
Founders: Isha Date, CEO, David Pham, CTO and Calvin Huang, COO

Calypso Devices is leading the way in women’s health with its innovative development of speculum covers. Their patient-centric, medically compatible solution aims to redefine comfort and safety during gynecological exams, ultimately aiding with early detection and prevention of reproductive health issues at an affordable cost.

DayVue Health

Engage your patients + add to your bottom line
Founders: Trevor Wilkins, CEO and Robert Haidari, CTO

DayVue Health is enhancing patient-provider communication through their development of a SMS-based symptom tracker. This tool monitors patients between appointments, enabling providers to intervene early and prevent emergency room visits. Their mission is to prevent avoidable comorbidities by facilitating clear and rapid interventions, ensuring a fast, cost-effective, and reliable healthcare experience for all.

Evanesc Therapeutics

A new wave of innovation
Founders: Mehran Matloubian, President & CEO and Timothy Brockett, VP of Engineering

Evanesc Therapeutics has developed an innovative wearable medical device that uses evanescent waves to temporarily permeate the blood-brain barrier (BBB). This breakthrough addresses a significant barrier in treating neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and brain cancer. Traditionally, approximately 98% of small molecule drugs and most large molecules struggle to breach the BBB. By facilitating temporary permeability of the BBB, Evanesc’s device unlocks the potential to address numerous neurological disorders and CNS diseases. . With the aging population in Los Angeles County as well as worldwide incidents of neurological diseases are increasing, so the urgency to develop effective treatments has never been greater.

Health Trend Social

Transforming healthcare by coordinating efforts to achieve health equity
Founder: Melanie Mays, CEO

Health Trend Social plans to develop an AI algorithm that will analyze data to proivde healthcare professionals with accurate diagnosis assistance and provide reporting analysis to improve outcomes and reimbursement in healthcare facilities. Their goal is to transform healthcare by coordinating efforts to achieve health equity.

inTandem Health

Empowering Human Communities with a One-to-One Support Platform
Founder: Paul Hoffman, CEO

inTandem Health is a digitally-enabled, one-to-one support infrastructure that brings condition-based communities together into one centralized platform that allows health systems to manage peer mentor support at scale, improve experience and outcomes, while increasing retention and growth.


Working hard to ameliorate human suffering in the form of pain, addictions and depression
Foundesr: Miguel Angel Gomez, COO and Dr. Hector Gomez, CEO

NEUVOLUTION is developing a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation device that is capable of improving therapuetic results for disorders like depression, substance use disorder, and binge eating disorder. Through utilzing groundbreaking electromagnetic technology, they are creating a treatment that will provide a cheaper alternative for patients.


Founder: Kevin Cyr, CEO

One Guideline is developing an AI-integrated tool to assist cancer patients in connecting with and comprehending the latest treatments. This tool consolidates up-to-date information on cancer clinical trials, regulatory approvals, and guidelines for cancer care. Patients from all communities living with cancer can access the tool to learn about available therapies, access clinical trials, and more. The tool aims to enhance cancer access for underserved communities and is currently accessible in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean.


Innovating to conquer cancer together
Founder: Philip Huang, CEO

Pharus Dx is conquering cnacer through early detection and intervention, so patients could have more time with their loved ones. Utilizing propietary ML/AI technology, they are looking to identify microRNA biomarkers to detect cancers early, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Rabble Health

Connecting those who can benefit from better diagnostics and better medicines with those who create them
Founder: Aubrey Kelly, CEO

RabbleHealth is developing a free digital consumer app, myRabble, whcih connects those who can benefit from better diagnostics and medicenes to those who create them. They are working to radically improve outcomes for all patients through utilizing technological platforms to increase overall accessibility.

ReBlood Rx

Oxygenation at your fingertips
Founders: Carlos Munoz, CEO and Christopher Caballero, COO

ReBlood Rx is refining polymerized hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers (HBOCs) to improve remote damage control resuscitation (RDCR), targeting environments where traditional crystalloids fall short due to their lack of oxygen-carrying capacity and blood is not an option. This innovation is poised to revolutionize field medicine by providing a practical substitute for traditional blood transfusions, circumventing the logistical challenges of refrigeration, crossmatching, and supply that combat medics and pre-hospital care providers face.

Sigma Health Solutions (Sigma Healthsense)

Assembling teams of tech innovators and AI experts to envision the future of healthcare
Founders: Mandana Semnani, MD, Assistant Professor and Damon Tojjar, MD, PhD-candidate

The mission of Sigma Healthsense is to revolutionize preventative healthcare and eldercare through the development of cutting-edge AI and computer vision technology. We aim to create intelligent monitoring solutions that detect risks early and enable rapid intervention, improving safety, quality of life, and health outcomes. By leveraging AI and machine learning, we strive to create personalized and culturally-conscious solutions tailored to the unique needs of diverse communities. ​

SmartWear (The SmartWear Foundation)

Founders: Andres Walker, CEO and Lennell Walker, President

SmartWear has pioneered Smart Clothing designed to locate Alzheimer’s patients. When activated by caregivers, the clothing emits a signal detectable by other smart devices, allowing the wearer’s location data to be sent back to our network and viewed through our mobile application. With 6.7 million people in the United States living with Alzheimer’s Disease, and 60-70% prone to wandering, tragically resulting in fatalities, there’s a pressing need for a solution. ​

Past Cohorts.

The Heal.LA Initiative has been investing in diverse entrepreneurs to nurture and scale innovations that positively impact the health and wellness of communities in Los Angeles since 2020.

Take a look back at each of the companies who have participated in our Heal.LA Bioscience & Healthcare Accelerator and our Accelerator in partnership with LA Biospace. 

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The California Office of the Small Business Advocate strongly supports Larta Institute’s model of entrepreneurship-led innovation. This is a significant ingredient for every Inclusive Innovation Hub that we invest in through our Accelerate California program, including Larta. We’re excited to interact with the entrepreneurs who raise their hands to contribute to the 2024 Heal program and to witness new ideas in advancing healthcare and wellness solutions in underserved communities of LA and beyond.

Tara Lynn Gray

Director of the California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA)

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