ECO '24.

LA’s festival & ecosystem for sustainable innovation.

ECO is a multidisciplinary festival and ecosystem gathering designed to foster innovation for a sustainable planet. Our event in Los Angeles serves as a crucial platform for learning, collaboration, and practical solutions.

By engaging with communities on the frontlines of today’s most urgent climate change and environmental challenges, we aim to identify and accelerate groundbreaking innovations that can make a real impact. Bringing together 200+ forward-thinking startups, investors, businesses, philanthropists, community organizations, and government agencies, ECO moves beyond traditional conversations to collective action.

We empower change-makers to shape a future where sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a tangible reality. Together, we can forge a path towards a healthier and more resilient world.

In 2024, Larta Institute will be hosting ECO again on December 9th–10th with bi-monthly events leading up to the gathering. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter and visiting this page to learn more.

The Road to ECO.

Fostering Science & Technology Innovation.

A special celebration on Earth Day, kicking off our “Road to ECO” bi-monthly event series. Located in our newly renovated innovation studio in DTLA, this gathering marked the debut of our thesis and impact areas, the release of our 2023 Impact Report, and the introduction of our 2024 Heal and Venture Fellow cohorts.

Join us for Larta Institute’s Road to ECO: Nature Preservation & Repair Mixer. Experience a short panel discussion, “The Butterfly Effect of Sustainable Innovation: From Land to Sea,” where industry experts will reveal how small actions can create significant impact within our physical systems. 

September TBA

Community Solutions, Equity & Health Mixer

Join us for an impactful event in September, centered around community-led solutions for climate, health, and equity, in alignment with LA Climate Week, Indigenous Peoples Day, and World Humanitarian Day.

October TBA

Nature, Systems Transformation & Community Mixer

Join us for an exploration of nature, systems, and community dynamics during Larta Institute’s October event, coinciding with World Mental Health Day, LA TechWeek, World Food Day, and World Cities Day.

ECO '24 in Los Angeles

LA’s festival & ecosystem for sustainable innovation.

December 9–10, 2024

Join us at ECO ’24 for a full-day showcase and celebration, championing the bold innovators and solutions from Larta Institute’s Community Labs programs.

Our combined Venture Fellows and Heal.LA Demo Day will unveil groundbreaking innovations tackling climate change and healthcare challenges in underinvested communities. 

Activities will include portfolio showcases, interactive discussions, action planning sessions, and a vibrant networking reception.

Together, we can forge a path towards a healthier and more resilient world.

ECO at a Glance.

ECO ‘24 will explore our impact areas of nature preservation & repair, food, water & energy systems, and equitable, healthy & resilient communities, showcasing both the challenges and innovative solutions within each sector, through the activation of six threads of programming: communities & people, interactive discussion, policy & adoption, innovation showcases, connections & introductions, and funding.

Communities & People.

Engage with local community leaders, residents, and activists on the true problems being faced at grassroots level from the impacts of the economy, climate change, and challenges of health equity.

Talks & Discussion.

Listen to curated short talks and participate in panels discussions with thought-leaders from Larta’s startup ecosystem — focused on identifying, nurturing, and scaling solutions for impact.

Policy & Adoption.

Engage with policy makers, from local city, state and federal agencies to understand how to collaborate on innovation and accelerate R&D to scale for impact across U.S. communities.

Innovation Showcases​.

Discover early-stage R&D and scalable solutions that can change the world for positive impact — a curated showcase of leading sustainable innovation from Larta’s portfolio and alumni companies.

Connections & Introductions.

Meet selected experts and partners from Larta’s ecosystem — we’ll facilitate curated introductions and connections to relevant government agencies, investors, industry, and community leaders.


ECO convenes Larta’s active funding network including impact investors, family offices, foundations, VCs, and government agencies — innovations will be matched to funding sources.

Community Labs Programs

With three decades of experience in delivering commercialization assistance to government-backed ventures, Larta is now expanding our impact to empower community-focused entrepreneurs and solutions.


Do you have an idea for an innovation to improve the health & wellness of underserved communities in LA County?

The Heal.LA Bioscience & Healthcare Accelerator is a 9-month, hands-on program, geared towards investing in diverse entrepreneurs to nurture and scale innovations that positively impact the health and wellness of communities in Los Angeles.

Partners & Funders include:

Venture Fellows

Entrepreneurs vs. Climate Change

Do you have an idea to make your community more resilient, equitable, & sustainable?

The Venture Fellows program is a 9-month, hands-on accelerator, focused on investing in diverse innovators to pilot good ideas that help communities become more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Partners & Funders include:

Los Angeles, 2024.

ECO ’24 will be based at Larta Institute’s HQ innovation campus in thriving downtown Los Angeles.

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We’re fostering science & technology innovation for a sustainable planet.

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