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Cover photo courtesy of Alma Backyard Farms.

Cover photo courtesy of Alma Backyard Farms.

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Reflecting on Larta Institute’s 30-year journey, we’re proud of our legacy and remain committed to our mission of fostering science and technology innovation for a sustainable planet. As a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, we view funding not just as financial support, but as an opportunity for true collaboration and partnership in realizing our shared vision.

Given the urgent challenges that we face in today’s world, we’re focused on proactively building resilience across key impact areas including nature preservation & repair, food, water & energy systems, and equitable, healthy & resilient communities. Central to our strategy is the acceleration and funding of carefully selected projects. We provide concrete support to grassroots endeavors and federally-backed ventures, all aimed at promoting sustainable development and holistic societal well-being.

Our programs, such as Venture Fellows and Heal.LA, tackle the intricate nexus of climate, health, and wellness challenges head-on, showcasing our commitment to practical, community-centric solutions. Through collaborative efforts with esteemed government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Energy and Department of Agriculture, our SBIR programs diligently propel promising sustainability solutions towards viability.

We invite funders to strategically aligning with our efforts and join us in this journey, forging a more sustainable and resilient future together.

Thank you to our funders.

We’ve earned our Platinum Seal of Transparency with Candid!

The California Office of the Small Business Advocate strongly supports Larta Institute’s model of entrepreneurship-led innovation. This is a significant ingredient for every Inclusive Innovation Hub that we invest in through our Accelerate California program, including Larta. We’re excited to interact with the entrepreneurs who raise their hands to contribute to the 2024 Heal program and to witness new ideas in advancing healthcare and wellness solutions in underserved communities of LA and beyond.

Tara Lynn Gray

Director of the California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA)

Your Contribution to a Shared Mission.

Equitable, Healthy & Resilient Communities. Innovation for Impact.

Through strategic selection and generous donor backing, we empower thoroughly vetted ventures from our programs pipeline with further operational assistance, participant stipends, community trials, grant funding assistance, and, when appropriate, equity investments.

This holistic approach not only fosters growth, but also amplifies the societal impact of these ventures as they scale.

Together, we can forge a path towards a healthier and more resilient world.

Funding Pathways and Options:

Unrestricted Giving.

Larta Institute.

Support our general organizational operations and capacity, empowering our community programs to uplift diverse entrepreneurs. 

This flexibility allows us to allocate resources where they’re needed most, driving maximum social and environmental impact.

Partners & Funders include:

Fund and Sponsor a Program.

Heal.LA or Venture Fellows.

Contribute to a specific program and support a cohort of innovators, aiding to transform their ideas into sustainable enterprises that serve to impact local, underserved communities.

We offer tiers of customizable options, ranging from sponsoring entrepreneurs through our program to deploying pilots, ensuring diverse opportunities for involvement and assistance.

Partners & Funders include:

Larta Labs Studio and Accelerator.

Impact Fund.

Donate to Larta’s pipeline of impact-focused startups, acting as an early-stage seed fund for the most promising graduates from our government and Community Labs programs. 

Your contribution fuels the growth and sustainability of these ventures, amplifying their potential to generate significant social and environmental outcomes.

Partners & Funders include:

There is a real need to create paths for diverse entrepreneurs to lead a more equitable and sustainable future. The Venture Fellows program aims to improve access to capital and other resources needed by women, people of color, and other underrepresented founders to start, fund, and scale businesses that can have a positive impact on local communities. This program can become an example of what is possible when overlooked communities are empowered to solve humanity’s pressing challenges.

Jenny Flores

Head of Small Business Growth Philanthropy
Wells Fargo

Impact Report

On Larta Institute’s 30th year anniversary, we are proud to share a glimpse into our transformative journey through the lens of our 2023 Impact Report.

This milestone not only marks a celebration of our legacy, but also reaffirms our enduring mission: to foster science and technology innovation for a sustainable planet.

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We’re fostering science & technology innovation for a sustainable planet.

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Each year, we select over 500 founders and ventures to join our startup accelerators. We provide innovators with access to our programs, ecosystem, and funding, which all play a vital role in supporting the development and implementation of their solutions.

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