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SixPoint Materials, Inc.: contribute to society through material engineering

Power-Grade Gallium Nitride Wafers for Energy, Wireless, Defense and Industrial Technologies

SixPoint Materials, Inc. produces Gallium Nitride (GaN) crystals, a key material for energy, wireless, defense and industrial technologies, with its proprietary Near-Equilibrium Ammono Thermal (NEAT) method. It is the only US company that can produce high-quality GaN semiconductor substrates. SixPoints aims to become the reliable US manufacturer of high-quality GaN substrates and support the supply chain of the GaN-based semiconductor technologies in the US. SixPoint’s GaN wafer “GANKIBAN” has a lower dislocation density than those produced by the conventional hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE). Our power-grade GANKIBAN enables a GaN-on-GaN platform for dual-use high-power semiconductors in power electronics, RF devices in wireless and defense applications, and high-power laser diodes used in industrial and defense fields.

The core technology of SixPoint Materials is its proprietary NEAT method to grow low-dislocation single crystalline gallium nitride (GaN). The NEAT method utilizes the same concept as the natural growth of quartz crystals in geo-thermal environment. The superior advantage of the NEAT method is its high scalability proven by the mass production of artificial quartz. The NEAT method enables low-cost production of “power-grade” GaN substrates, “GANKIBAN” for the high-power switching devices, RF devices, and blue/green laser diodes. SixPoint’s technology is proteced by more than hundred patents world-wide.

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Tadao Hashimoto, Ph.D., MBA

SixPoint Materials, Inc.

Edward Letts, Ph.D.

Vice President in Technology
SixPoint Materials, Inc.

Larta's commercialization assistance program under the DOE SBIR program conducted a primary market research so that the company can formulate the fund-raising pitch. Larta also helped the company to refine the pitch deck and connected the company to potential investors.

Tadao Hashimoto

SixPoint Materials, Inc.
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