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Quantum Ventura, Inc.: innovation is in our DNA

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Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley at the historic San Jose downtown, Quantum Ventura, Inc. is in the business of creating innovative & groundbreaking systems and technologies in the areas of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, AI/ML Verification & Validation, Cybersecurity, Secure Mobile technology (Diamond Droid) and HPC-driven Big Data Analytics.

Quantum Ventura’s R&D division, “QuantumX Research Labs” undertakes R&D services in providing advanced technology solutions to federal agencies, and corporations throughout the US. We excel in developing concepts into market-focused products and customer-driven solutions.

We design creative solutions and build unique products for challenging problems with complete end-to-end solutions, components, and unsurpassed technical expertise.

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Srini Vasan

President & CEO
Quantum Ventura, Inc.

Aaron Goldberg

Vice President
Quantum Ventura, Inc.

Larta has been instrumental in our market research. After two rounds, during Phase I & II, of working with Larta, we have enjoyed the immense benefits of their highly-qualified staff and associates. The detailed and deeply-resourced Commercialization Action Plan has been an invaluable component of our STTR process. We are pleased with their output and are happy to work with them again in the future on as many projects as possible!

Aaron Goldberg

Vice President

Alumni News

May 23, 2022

INL has a plan to recycle our growing electronic waste without the dirty process of smelting

Let’s shift attention and support toward social entrepreneurs who are on the front line tackling climate change

May 4, 2021

INL seeks to find more efficient way to recycle electronic waste

For more than half a decade, the team at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) has been researching more efficient methods for recycling our old electronics. After nearly seven years of research and development, the system they have come up with is called E-RECOV.

April 11, 2022

What to do with your old phone? INL's E-RECOV might have the answer

People rely on electronics, and that reliance will only grow in the coming years. As the newest gadgets prompt us to dispose of our old ones, we unwittingly become contributors to a major conundrum for our world – electronic litter. 

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