Commercialization Assistance Program for SBIR Phase II Grant Awardees

Larta is the preferred partner of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). We offer a Commercialization Assistance Program (CAP) for SBIR Phase II Grant Awardees. The program is designed to translate R&D into commercially viable enterprises.

Program Overview

This program is designed to help companies develop a customized toolkit for their needs and aligned with the commercial objectives of their NOAA SBIR award.

Larta works side-by-side with entrepreneurs to identify and address their unique challenges and opportunities.

Larta serves as the company’s partner and advocate, generating new opportunities and help transform ideas into successful commercial outcomes.

Who's Eligible?

NOAA SBIR Phase II Awardees


$14,250 paid by NOAA

Enrollment Deadlines

Typically enrollment opens in October and continues to December 


24 months 


20 hours with a mentor
+ 2 days for workshop event in Washington DC

Interested in joining this program?

Answer a few short questions, and our team will be in touch with next steps and more info.

What to expect.

Commercialization Strategy Report

Larta develops profiles of each participating NOAA SBIR company to assess their target markets and gaps in their market readiness, which provides a snapshot of the company’s likely trajectory through the program.

The Commercialization Strategy Report™ (CSR) addresses in detail the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Competitive Matrix (benchmarks the company’s technology against its competitors)
  • Barriers to Commercialization (barriers to entry, barriers to commercialization, strategies to overcome these barriers)
  • 18-month Commercialization Roadmap (identifies specific milestones, people, budgets, and timelines for key activities necessary to commercialization)
  • Market Ready Presentation
  • Commercialization Webinars and access to Larta’s Industry connections

Support from a Dedicated Expert

Phase II awardees will be receiving one-on-one guidance from a specially assigned Larta Principal Advisor (PA) on their specific commercialization milestones via Larta’s Commercialization Strategy Report™ (CSR).

Commercialization Training Workshop

Commercialization Training Workshop (in Washington DC) to continue the virtual interactions initiated with your Larta Principal Advisor, and the opportunity to meet with NOAA SBIR Management

Collaborate 1:1 with an expert Larta 'Principal Advisor' during the program. We have a team of 70+ highly experienced cleantech & energy focused mentors.

Our programs are led by seasoned industry experts with deep sector knowledge. Each startup is assigned a dedicated Principal Advisor to guide their journey from idea to sustainable enterprise.

Principal Advisor

BreAnn Brown

BreAnn brings more than 18 years of leadership and commercialization experience in start-ups for the agriculture / aquaculture, and information technology industries.
Principal Advisor

Peter Hong

Peter brings over 30 years of experience in strategic business planning, startup operations, product development, market strategy, and IP strategy.
Principal Advisor

Jeff Carpenter

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in commercialization of innovations, including life sciences, clean technology, agriculture, food, materials and chemicals.

Utilize our proven products during your program to accelerate your startup.

Our portfolio of 30+ products & tools for startups have been designed & proven over 25-years to accelerate translating R&D ideas into sustainable enterprises. 

Our bench of highly experienced experts/mentors work 1:1 with startup founders to deliver our products, customized to your stage of growth and specific goals. 

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