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Prescient Weather: developing innovative science and applications
to help manage and mitigate weather and climate risk.

Developing innovative science and applications to help manage and mitigate weather and climate risk

Prescient Weather has developed a web-based tool called the World Climate Service that provides the best science available to enable industry meteorologists to improve their forecasts for weeks to months ahead. Another product, called CropProphet, is a web-based service that delivers the industry’s most accurate US grain yield forecasts. Their technologies are being used in industries ranging from energy, agriculture, insurance, and finance and help companies make more informed decisions.

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John Dutton, Ph.D.

Prescient Weather Ltd

Jan Dutton, Ph.D.

Prescient Weather Ltd

Jeremy Ross, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist
Prescient Weather Ltd

Richard James, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist
Prescient Weather Ltd

"The Larta Commericalization Assistance Program has helped us focus on determining what is most important right now to meet our long-term business goals. Our CAP mentor provides a wealth of knowledge regarding developing our business because of his diverse background and business experiences. Each monthly meeting yields a good idea to consider as we work towards growing.

Jan Dutton, Ph.D.

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