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Since 1993, we’ve worked with 4,500+ startups across a range of sustainability impact areas.

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Nature Preservation & Repair

A healthy natural environment in the oceans and on land.

Building a fossil-free world through revolutionary carbon transformation technology.

Empowering nature with technology.

Reducing methane emissions with the world’s mightiest seaweed.

Leading the bio-industrial revolution by turning abundant methane into biodegradable materials.

Solving human needs at scale using biology and mushroom technology.

Leveraging financial innovation for sustainable investment solutions to environmental challenges.

Navigating in rough skies and harsh environments to deliver critical supplies.

Developing technologies that reduce harmful interactions between humans and marine life.

Writing the next chapter in renewables with carbon-negative ink.

Creating the future of materials through innovations in biology and material science.


Food, Water & Energy Systems

Transforming production of clean, renewable resources.

Planting millions of trees to feed billions of people.

Powering the future of mobility.

Elevating architecture for humankind’s integration into our natural environment.

Unlocking the power of the ocean for sustainable energy access.

Modifying diesel engines to run on clean alternative fuels.

Harvesting the Earth’s
heat to help achieve a carbon-free future.

Pioneering technologies that convert carbon to meet the demand for better food, feed and fuels.

Unlocking resilient agriculture to combat climate change and grow profitability.

Treating wastewater with an algae-based, sustainable solution.

Safeguarding access to water against disruptions, drought, and the effects of climate change.


Equitable, Healthy & Resilient Communities

Inclusive societies to improve the wellbeing of all humans.

Enabling consumers to manage, share, and make sense of their medical records.

Helping people with limited mobility retain dignity, confidence, and independence.

Empowering people to create a cleaner planet by turning information into actionable insight.

Building a new energy system with rooftop solar at the cornerstone.

Revolutionizing building electrification through simple HVAC installation and management.

Combining cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices to redefine the way humanity grows and consumes food.

Transforming ecosystems through agriculture, food access, nutrition education, and community.

Creating braille-on-demand and educational products for visually impaired children.

Leveraging cell-free DNA and Machine Learning to detect ovarian cancer earlier.

Improving equity for underserved communities through educational games and tools.

Larta introduced us to a critical mentor who has continued to support us for over seven years and made critical introductions to key hires and industry partners.

Marcus Lehmann

Co-Founder & CEO
CalWave Power Technologies
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