Rallying a "Call to Action" at the 12th Annual Ag Innovation Showcase

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August 3, 2020
Meet the presenting companies, keynote speaker, and sponsors at the 12th annual Ag Innovation Showcase!

Larta Institute’s  Ag Innovation Showcase is proud to announce its 12th Annual Conference with the theme, “A Call to Action.” The event will feature novel innovations across the spectrum of food production, health sciences, and sustainability, all with the common goal to provide global wellness through the healing power of nutrition.

Hosted virtually for the first time ever, The Ag Innovation Showcase will take place from August 27-28, 2020 , and will feature keynote speakers, industry panels, intimate networking receptions, and presentations highlighting select technology and research institutions. The theme for the event this year is “A Call to Action” where we will explore new and evolving business models in agriculture and food production, highlight new approaches to waste management and environmental mitigation, and identify new economic and governance concerns around farm and farmers’ health.

Jack Bobo, CEO of Futurity has been announced as the event’s keynote speaker and will host a session titled “Can Agriculture Save the Planet?” Jack is a globally recognized thought leader having delivered over 300 speeches on the future of food/consumer psychology.

Presenting Companies

After receiving over 50 applications from emerging startups and entrepreneurs to virtually present at the 12th annual Ag Innovation Showcase, we are proud to share the following presenting companies for the event so far:

1. Agtools is a worldwide SaaS platform helping agribusiness operators – from farmers to distributors to marketers – increase profitability and reduce food supply chain waste through timelier, more informed decisions.

2. AirSpeQ is committed to improving the planet for animals, humans, and plants by commercializing sensors for fine and ultrafine airborne particulate matter detection to improve air quality and reduce the impacts of pollution.

3. Aspiring Universe provides 360° in-depth intelligence for every farmland across the globe with an ambitious mission to sustain modern agriculture for humanity.

4. Biomass Controls PBC mission is to design control technologies and innovations to enable rapid refinement of sanitation, agricultural, and food outputs to treat pathogens, reduce greenhouse gasses and improve soil health.

5. GR Agritek Labs is a team of technocrats & scientists in the field of instrumentation, automation, embedded systems, agritechnology & biotechnology, determined to provide complete solutions to the grave issues faced by our humble farmers and farming community in India as well as around the world.

6. Hargol FoodTech is the world’s first commercial grasshopper farm and the first company in the world to commercially develop and raise edible locusts through unique and innovative methods and technologies.

7. Mi Terro is the world’s only biotechnology company that rescues food waste and re-engineers it into sustainable fibers and biopolymers to replace plastic in the fashion, medical, and packaging industries.

8. SourceTrace provides digital solutions to enable full visibility into the agricultural and food value chain, with touchpoints across every stage from farm to retail. Their solutions make farming sustainable, supply chains efficient and bring transparency and traceability into food trade.

9. UAV-IQ, (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Intelligence) helps growers easily and profitably adopt some of the most advanced agricultural technology. They are an AgriTech company that leverages deep experience in large-scale drone operations and precision agriculture to develop and scale solutions for growers.

Special Thank You to Our Sponsors:

Protein Industries Canada (PIC) is an industry-led, not-for-profit organization created to position Canada as a global source of high-quality plant protein and plant-based co-products. It is one of five innovation Superclusters created by the Government of Canada.

ISCA, Inc. is providing the next generation of insect control products for world agriculture by harnessing the power of pheromones and other naturally occurring compounds that manipulate the behavior of targeted insect species. ISCA’s insect control innovations are environmentally sustainable, cost-effective, and can be applied to both row and specialty crops. ISCA is headquartered Riverside, Calif., and has subsidiaries in the United States, Brazil, and India.

OCP North America is a subsidiary of the OCP Group, a global leader in plant nutrition and soil fertility solutions. With over a century of expertise in the market of phosphate and derivatives, the Group offers an extensive range of products to enrich soils and increase agricultural yields across five continents. Leveraging its presence in the US and Canada, OCP North America engages with growers and the complex web of companies that serve their needs, to assure that we are providing farmers with the right products, at the right time, and at the right price so they can be productive, innovative and profitable while contributing to more sustainable and environmentally responsible food systems.

With such diverse food, feed, and bio-based products sectors supported by farmers, processors, and others, Canada’s agriculture and agri-foodsector provides for Canadians and people around the world. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada delivers leadership in the sector to help spur growth, innovation, and sustainability practices. By driving innovation and ingenuity, the department seeks to build a world leading agricultural and food economy for the benefit of all Canadians.

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