A Message from Rohit Shukla, Larta CEO

Rohit Shukla
December 1, 2020

rohit shukla

This has been annus horribilus, the year from hell, as some have called it.

It is precisely the time when we discover treasured opportunities amid the debris.  As Paul Roemer put it, “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”

At Larta, we have turned the art of working remotely with the entrepreneurs whom we guide ourselves.  As an organization, we have embraced remote work, while we bemoan the lack of instantaneity.  It has pushed us to reflect on what we have achieved and to plan for what may lie ahead. We don’t fear uncertainty, we guard against complacency born from paralysis in dealing with the lack of certainty.

We are doubling down on affirming our commitments as a mission-based organization. We are focused on carefully curating our content, reflective of the changing wisdom we have cultivated over a long period.  We are looking to present a clear-eyed view of the challenges facing innovation in general and innovators in particular.  We look to establish signposts of working the Larta System in a world changed forever.  And we redouble our commitment to Larta’s remarkable and talented team, who are helping to chart the road ahead in that changing world.

We take the good with the bad.  It is not just an empty slogan.  Listening to our customers, our well-wishers, our advisers, the sages, and the ingenues alike among us. is a purpose-built mission.  In defense of our precious and fragile planet, we work toward nothing more than uncovering innovations that “feed, fuel and heal the world.”

Rohit K. Shukla

CEO, Larta Institute

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