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Hawkeye Bio: Discoveries with one breath. Tackling lung cancer one breath at a time.

Discoveries with one breath. Tackling lung cancer one breath at a time.

Our ability to detect diseases early on, and with great precision, is one of the frontiers of medicine. The key to fighting and overcoming cancer, for one, is early detection. The revolution in nanotechnology over the past 20 years is an enabler, revolutionizing our ability to create nanoscale sensors that can noninvasively identify cancer accurately. Hawkeye Bio is pioneering how nanoscale biosensors can be used to detect diseases, specifically lung cancer. 

In 2021 Hawkeye Bio was part of the first cohort of Heal.LA, Larta Institute’s L.A.-based 3-pronged health and wellness initiative. Founded in 2018 in Southern California and located at The Lundquist Institute (at Harbor-UCLA), Hawkeye Bio has focused on lung cancer, one of the leading cancers in the U.S. The Company uses nano biosensors that can detect cancer from the mere condensation from one’s breath. Hawkeye Bio has been able to demonstrate early detection in promising clinical trials in 2021. It anticipates that there are more than 14.2 million people who are eligible for lung cancer screening. Hawkeye Bio has launched a pivotal expanded clinical trial as they move closer to full-scale production of their patented biosensor.

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Andre de Fusco

Co-Founder & CEO Hawkeye Bio

Paul Dempsey

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Hawkeye Bio

Larta helped our team to think through how best to harness the many variables needed to deliver our vision, from realizing the complex biology to manufacturing nanoscale biosensors while securing the necessary funding to support the company at various stages of development.

Andre de Fusco

Co-Founder and CEO
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