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Carbon Technology, Inc.: leading the carbon nanotube electronics revolution

Carbon Is New and Fast. Carbon Nanotubes are the Future

Carbon Technology, Inc. is developing next generation semiconductor solutions based on carbon nanotubes. The superior properties of carbon nanotube devices will spur their adoption, dramatically improving the trade-off between speed and power while delivering unprecedented robustness.

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Steffen McKernan, Ph.D

Co-Founder & CEO
Carbon Technology, Inc.

Dawei Wang, Ph.D

Co-founder & CTO
Carbon Technology, Inc.

Carbon Technology has been impressed with our engagement with Larta through the strength of their services as well as their network of Principal Advisors.

Steffen McKernan, Ph.D

Co-Founder & CEO

Alumni News

August, 2021

Department of Energy Awards Phase II Contract To Carbon Technology

The Department of Energy awarded a Phase II contract to Carbon Technology valued at $1.1M to build on CTI’s NSF funded CNT synthesis breakthrough.

February, 2020

USAF Phase II Award Advances Carbon Nanotube Semiconductor Technology Development

CTI’s progress on Phase I Establishing carbon nanotube transistor manufacturing and test is the focus of a Phase I SBIR contract ($200K) awarded to Carbon Technology, Inc. The effort in atomic precision manufacturing will advance methods in a CMOS compatible process, particularly Atomic Layer Deposition.

June, 2020

Department of Energy Selects Carbon Technology, Inc. For Atomic Layer Deposition

A Phase I contract has been issued by the Department of Energy to Carbon Technology, Inc. for the advancement of Atomic Layer Deposition techniques in the development of carbon nanotube semiconductor devices.

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