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ZeaKal: Nourising billions of people while combating climate change.

Pioneering technologies that convert carbon to meet the demand for better food, feed and fuels.

The name ZeaKal comes from the company’s roots spanning New Zealand and California. Grounded in transformative science, their plant trait technologies have been proven to increase carbon capture, nutritional density and nutrient use efficiency in plants. With nimble global operations spanning gene to field, ZeaKal pioneera new tools to produce more sustainable and affordable nutrition across the world’s most important crops.

Through their science and core principles, they have attracted leading industry collaborators and investors. Backed by a growing community of global partners, ZeaKal is building a more equitable and resilient agricultural system on a smaller environmental footprint.

ZeaKal believes that access to food and nutrition is a basic human right. Producing it as sustainably as possible is the only way we can nourish the next generation and leave the world better than we found it.

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Han Chen, CFA


Amy Curran, PH.D.


Nick Roberts, PH.D.


At ZeaKal we're building a “NewType” of food and agriculture: one that prioritizes value over volume without overwhelming our planet."

Han Chen


Alumni News

Nov 01, 2021

How Gene Editing Can Support Sustainable Agriculture

When the CRISPR-Cas9 system was discovered in 2012, its precision and relative simplicity of use captured the imaginations of popular media, investors, and scientists alike. 

April 21, 2021

Soybeans With More Oil Are Coming Amid Renewable Diesel Boom

A soybean seed that can produce more oil than normal is in the works by one California startup, just in time to help meet accelerating demand for renewable diesel.

Feb 14, 2021

ZeaKal Announces New Model and Partnership

ZeaKal today announced steps to create a “new type” of agriculture based on higher value and supply chain harmonization with the expansion of its Advisory Board and a partnership with Gro Alliance, the nation’s largest, independently owned contract seed corn and soybean seed production company.

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