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TerViva: alternative protein & sustainable agriculture

Planting millions of trees to feed billions of people.

Terviva is a food and agriculture company that delivers tasty and nourishing plant-based food ingredients from the pongamia tree. We provide patented high-yielding trees and offer proprietary bean processing to create the world’s most sustainable oil and protein food ingredients. Pongamia trees restore farmland to productive use, helping farmers feed people while taking care of the planet.

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Naveen Sikka

Founder & CEO

It (the Ag Showcase) was the showcase. The one and only. It’s where you come out to the Ag community when you’re on the cusp of great things.

Naveen Sikka

Founder & CEO TerViva

Alumni News

May 20, 2021

Terviva Closes $54M in Financing to Commercialize Sustainable Food Ingredients, Launches Collaboration with Danone

Total Expected Financing of $78 Million Will Drive Sales of Highly-Sustainable Edible Oil and Plant Protein Ingredients Starting in 2022

May 20, 2021

Terviva Partners With Danone for Pongamia Tree-Derived Food

Terviva Inc. entered into a deal with Danone SA amid its latest funding round to explore food made from pongamia trees, a tropical plant it says is more resilient and environmentally-friendly than soy and palm.

March 26, 2019

TerViva Raises $20 Million in Series D to Drive Product Development and Market Expansion

Led by Ag Family Offices and Climate-Smart Investors, Funding Round Brings Ag-Tech Firm to $40 Million Raised for High-Yielding, Sustainable Plant Protein Product Development

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