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Smelts: Manufacturing solutions for conservation and ocean asset recovery

Ropeless Fishing Gear and Lifting Tools.

We are a solution based manufacturer that focuses on engineering solutions for the conservation of marine life. SMELTS Incorporated provides innovative products for manufacturing On-Demand Ropeless fishing technology that helps bottom set fishers and aquaculturists to fish while reducing threats of fishing gear entanglements to marine life. SMELTS Incorporated patented lifting engine is a very powerful and modular machine that can be adapted to many uses for seafloor asset recovery.

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Ann Marie Riels


Richard Riels

Vice President

Larta’s Professional Team has been paramount in guiding SMELTS Incorporated to the important understanding of running a strong and resilient new American ocean technology company.

Richard P. Riels


Alumni News

February 18, 2022

Lose the Rope, Give Whales Hope

NOAA Fisheries is developing ropeless fishing gear to help prevent marine mammal entanglement off the coast of New England.

October 8, 2021

JASCO-SMELTS Whale Recorder Raft

One man’s ‘crazy idea’ brings a scientific twist to lobster fishing.

August 4, 2021

Researchers test ropeless fishing

To cut down the chances of whale entanglement with fishing gear, researchers and developers are testing technology that would eliminate the need for the vertical lines that run between lobster traps on the seafloor and buoys bobbing on the surface.

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