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CVision AI: from imagery to insights

Harnessing the power of computer vision and artificial intelligence.

CVision AI started as a small AI consulting firm with a focus on computer vision algorithms applied to video for customers in the marine vertical. Early on, we found that although we developed algorithms for many diverse applications, there were no suitable tools for deploying those algorithms, nor for managing the video data lifecycle at scale. In collaboration with our partners at NOAA and National Geographic Society, we set out to solve this problem with Tator. Tator is an open-source web platform for video data management, annotation, extract-transform-load, computer vision algorithm inference, and visual analytics. Tator was built to be easily extensible with custom algorithms and custom visualizations, allowing us to quickly meet the video analytics needs of any of our customers. We also develop specialized products in the marine vertical around Tator, including ShoreSight, a boat traffic monitoring system, and Filet Finder, a mobile application for fish species identification from filet images.

Building an image library for fisheries

NOAA hired CVision AI to install computer vision cameras in the wet lab on the Henry B. Bigelow.

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Ben Woodward

Co-founder & CEO
CVision AI

Jonathan Takahashi

Co-founder & COO
CVision AI

Larta helped us solidify our commercialization plan for Tator, including our OpenSaaS business model and setting key near and long-term objectives to acquire new customers and expand our footprint with existing customers. Larta has access to a vast network of experts and professionals which we found invaluable as a very technically focused company. Whenever we needed help or advice, they knew the right person to talk to.

Jonathan Takahashi


Alumni News

March 4, 2022

On International Open Data Day, Experts Share How the Future of Seafood Could Rest With Artificial Intelligence

Increased use of open data in electronic monitoring could help ensure a sustainable future for international fisheries.

February 18, 2021

EDF’s SmartPass program aims to bring artificial intelligence to US fisheries management

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is launching a new program with the aim of improving data collection and fisheries management.

November 26, 2019

FathomNet: Oceangoing platforms are integrating high-resolution, multi-camera video feeds for scientific observation and navigation, producing a deluge of visual data.

The volume and rate of this data collection can rapidly outpace researchers’ abilities to process and analyze them.

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