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Blue Forest: Leveraging financial innovation to create sustainable investment solutions to environmental challenges.

Leveraging financial innovation for sustainable investment solutions to environmental challenges.

Blue Forest Conservation is a multidisciplinary team of scientists, financial experts and engineering professionals with extensive infrastructure, public sector and Wall Street experience. We are harnessing financial innovation and building partnerships with investors, non-profits, private companies and the public sector to design sustainable solutions to systemic climate resilience challenges faced by vulnerable communities.

As a project developer of land management and conservation projects through the Forest Resilience Bond (FRB), we act as a champion of planned actions to motivate financial participation from beneficiary stakeholders that include the USFS, water agencies, power utilities, state agencies, local governments, recreation, insurance and more. We bring together public and private stakeholders that benefit from restoration to share the costs of reimbursing investors over time.

Our flagship financial product, the Forest Resilience Bond, deploys private capital to finance forest restoration projects on private and public lands that reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire and enhance landscape resilience. Once the capital is deployed, beneficiaries of the restoration work repay investors over time based on one or more of the following benefits: reduced wildfire risk (and associated CO2 emissions) protected water quality, improved water quantity, increased hydropower generation, and job creation.

By engaging stakeholders and developing unique investment structures, Blue Forest and its partners are creating a market for private capital to contribute to public conservation efforts.

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Zach Knight

Co-founder and CEO
Blue Forest

Phil Saksa, Ph.D.

Co-founder and Chief Scientist
Blue Forest

If we know one thing, it’s this: we’re in a race against time to save our forests and landscapes.”

Zack Knight

Co-Founder & CEO
Blue Forest

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Nivermber 30, 2023

The global economy’s dependence on nature is becoming clearer. According to the US Department of Agriculture, pollinators underpin one in every three bites of food eaten on the planet, while the World Economic Forum has estimated that, through everything from water retention to carbon sequestration, $44tn of economic value (more than half global gross domestic product) is “moderately” or “highly” dependent on nature.

Novermber 28, 2023

In addition to loss of life, the implications for human health of wildfires like these are severe due to the particles released, and the impacts upon greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions and natural capital are enormous.

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