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3Bar Biologics: delivering more viable microbes to the field

3Bar Biologics is a microbe delivery and manufacturing company that partners with microbe discovery and commercialization companies.

3Bar Biologics is the global leader in customized technologies and biomanufacturing solutions for living agricultural microbe products. 3Bar Biologics partners with microbe discovery and commercialization companies to develop and manufacture microbe products. 3Bar Biologics aims to improve microbial product performance by developing innovative solutions in packaging and delivery systems that enable the most efficacious microbes at the time of application. Our proprietary biomanufacturing and LiveMicrobe™ delivery technology provides a disruptive approach for delivery of hard to stabilize microbes. The unique LiveMicrobe™ technology involves a low cost, disposable fermentation system that protects the microbes until the grower is ready to activate the product prior to application. On-site, just-in-time fermentation of the microbes short-cuts the conventional supply chain, resulting in fresher, more viable microbes delivered to the field.By partnering with innovative companies and research universities, 3Bar is delivering the highest quality and most cost effective microbe solutions to drive profitability for the agriculture industry, while also reducing its dependence on synthetic chemicals.

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Bruce Caldwell

Founder & CEO
3Bar Biologics

Regular meetings and mentoring with our LARTA assigned principal advisorwas highly valuable in creating a solid commercialization plan and successful Phase II proposal. Through LARTA, access to experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts has helped our company accelerate commercialization efforts.

Bruce Caldwell

Founder & CEO

Alumni News

June 8, 2022

Verdesian and 3Bar Biologics form biological partnership

Verdesian Life Sciences, a firm that develops nutrient use efficiency technologies for agricultural use, has announced a partnership with the agricultural biological company 3Bar Biologics. The arrangement will allow both companies to work toward complementary solutions in both the nutrient use efficiency and biocontrols space, say company officials.

May 22, 2022

AMVAC, 3Bar Biologics Partner on SIMPAS-Compatible Packaging for Liquid Microbial SIMPAS-applied Solutions

AMVAC has partnered with 3Bar Biologics to develop disposable packaging for liquid microbial SIMPAS-applied Solutions (SaS). This innovative package will be plug-and-play compatible with the SIMPAS agricultural application system, enabling simultaneous application of SaS products from synthetic crop inputs in returnable/refillable SmartCartridge containers alongside biological inputs in disposable packaging on the same crop row. The new package will be fully trackable with Smart Tag technology and compatible with Ultimus, AMVAC’s container/supply-chain traceability tool.

May 16, 2022

AgBiome Turns to 3Bar Biologics to Bring New Biocontrol Products to Africa

AgBiome’s flagship product, a microbe-based fungicide called Howler, is available throughout the U.S. and is also gaining traction around the world. Research is continuing to produce product candidates and the company now has its sights on bringing some of them to a new market: Africa.

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