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Our mission is to foster science & technology innovation for a sustainable planet. In 2021, we re-doubled our efforts at Larta on this mission. We served 572 ‘innovators’ –entrepreneurs and startups across six impact areas that collectively form Larta’s ‘sustainability agenda’: Environment & Climate, Agriculture & Food, Cleantech & Energy, Biosciences & Healthcare, Marine & Oceans, and Education & Community. We hope this 2021 Impact Report provides you with a high-level understanding of Larta Institute’s contribution towards a more inclusive, just, and sustainable planet.

Since 2004, we have supported thousands of startups to use non-dilutive government grant funding to translate their ideas into commercially-viable businesses. Learn more about our commercialization programs & products that can be accessed via your SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) & TABA (Technical & Business Assistance) grant funding.

New Venture Fellows program to support women- and minority-led ideas, creating more resilient, equitable, and sustainable communities in U.S. cities.

Each year the NOAA: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration awards approximately $10M in grant funding to U.S. small businesses through the SBIR Program (America’s Seed Fund) – this early-stage non-dilutive funding empowers innovators to develop new technologies that can foster a more sustainable planet.

Led by the California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA) within and the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), the Inclusive Innovation Hub (iHub²) program’s investment will help accelerate regionally focused strategies to spur innovation and diversification across industry sectors and geographies while attracting entrepreneurs from underserved business communities. 

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