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ClearFlame Engine Technologies: decarbonizing heavy duty industries

Breaking free from the performance vs. emissions tradeoff, you'll save money and the environment.

ClearFlame Engines is a startup company based in Chicago, IL. The ClearFlame technology enables heavy-duty engine manufacturers to produce engines at lower cost, while simultaneously providing their customers with higher performance and fuel cost savings. We’re breaking the paradigm that ties heavy engines to petroleum fuels by ‘taking the Diesel out of the Diesel engine’​.

Our engine modification enables Diesel engines to run on cleaner burning, sootless fuels in the most efficient manner, unlocking benefits in cost savings, performance, and air quality. We view our technology as being applicable wherever Diesel engines are used – including big markets like heavy duty transportation and distributed power generation, as well as marine, agriculture, construction, mining, and locomotive applications. 

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BJ Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO

Julie Blumreiter

Co-Founder & CTO

Louise (our Larta Principal Advisor) has unparalleled enthusiasm and energy for helping new entrepreneurs develop and grow businesses. She appreciates the deep network connections that are required to enable small companies to do big things, and more importantly, she's a truly enjoyable human being. She has been a tremendous resource for me and ClearFlame as we've accelerated our progress, and I highly recommend working with her! Thanks Louise!

BJ Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO

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April 29, 2020

Company Receives $3 Million Financing on Ethanol-Diesel Technology

ClearFlame Engine Technologies closed on a $3 million initial round of financing from Clean Energy Ventures, along with other investors to help accelerate the development of a diesel engine that can run on ethanol, according to a news release from Clean Energy Ventures based in Boston.

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